Sri Chinmoy speaks on Christmas

In this one minute interview by Mridanga Spencer, Sri Chinmoy shares his message about Christmas.

“Happiness, happiness, happiness… The Saviour came two thousand years ago to bless us, and we must try to be worthy of his blessings. … my message is only happiness. This happiness only we can get from our prayers and our meditation. If you are happy, the whole world is happy.”

- Sri Chinmoy, (unofficial transcript) from the interview

Here is an article by Sri Chinmoy, “Christmas: the play of universal emotion”, published on AUM Magazine, Vol. I, No. 5 – December 27, 1965:

The birth of the Child was secrecy itself. But His Birthday is as illumining as the Sun, as energising as nectar. Christmas is the birth of Promise, the link between Heaven with Earth. This is the day that unites near and far. This is the day that awakens the best in us, within and without. This is the Day of Eternal Bliss, from which the Past, Present and Future derive much significance of Existence. Christmas reveals to us a limitless ocean of Universal Joy. The waves of the suffering world dare not declare their existence. It is not under the branches, but at the foot of the tree that one gets full protection. Therefore human souls, wherever they may be scattered, return to their families in order to breathe in serenely the Universal Harmony and Peace on Christmas Day.

Successful Impossibility Challenger in Portugal

Last weekend another edition of the International Impossibility Challenger Games took place in the Sports Stadium of Leiria, Portugal, organized by the Sri Chinmoy Centre Portugal with the help of friends from all over Europe. Many personal, World and Guinness records have been established. Here are some of them:Radek

The Czech Republic has strong men! One of them showed his capacities in Leiria and astonished the audience. Radek Rosa made three personal records. First he pulled a bus filled with  17 people for 40m with only his body power in just 57.75 seconds. The total weight was 6243.5 kg. Secondly he pulled a truck filled with people with a total wight of 6155 kg for 20m in 36.26 seconds and last but not least he showed an amazing feast by pulling a huge tractor with 9.5 t for 20m in only 1 min and 29.75 seconds!


Vaibhava Jewgenij Kuschnow from Austria set a new World Record which is at the same time a Guinness World Record attempt by performing 10 consecutive shots hitting the target, achieving 64 points, while balancing on a slack line. The slack line was stretched between two cars in a hight of 0.93m and the target was 18 m away. But that was not enough. For his second World Record Vaibhava combined climbing and inline skating! He successfully climed up a climbing wall with inline skates on 3 different UIAA routes. He was successful on his first attempts. He climbed level 5 in 41.6 seconds, level 6 in 48.4 seconds and level 7- in 55.63 seconds! In an interview on Saturday Vaibhava said that he uses positive visualisation and meditation to prepare for his records.


Charuhasi Eckhard Schröder is a banker from Germany. He is also a lover of spiritual poetry and performed a stunning World Record by reciting 3148 poems (!) by memory during a period of 34 hours. All of the recited poems were written by the accomplished poet Sri Chinmoy. (I am trying to learn Sri Chinmoy’s special slection of 207 poems and am now at only 33 poems by heart, so I can really appreciate this record! – editorial note).


Albert Jamie Walter is already the second generation of Impossibility Challenger participants. Already his father Ruedi participated in the event in the 1980’s. They both specialized in the tearing of telephone directories. Albert has successfully attempted a new World Record (and will also submit this record to the Guinness book of records): he was able to tear apart a huge Munich telephone directory of 1551 pages with his bare hands in only 9,38 seconds!


Laughing is healthy. So the Escola do Riso yoga club from Coimbra tried to get together the largest Laughter Yoga Class which they achieved with 78 participants, which is a new World Record. They established a second World Record by holding the longest Laughter Yoga class for 2 hours and 53minutes with a total of 7 participants.

Hugo Rito from Portugal tried to establish a new personal record in retro-running. Unfortunately the temperatures in the stadium were quite low (only 3 degree) and he had to stop after achieving a half-maration in 2:51:06 hours.

The stadium of Leiria is quite impressive, with a capacity of about 29.000 seats, a height of over 30 meters and a beautiful view to the historic castle. Núcleo de Espeleologi a de Leiria made use of the height of the stadium. The group achieved 168 climbs (27m each) on ropes  of 4536 m up and 4536 m down and reached a total distance of 9072 m.

Juventude Vidigalense from Portugal organized the largest 400 m relay and established a new World Record. A total of 106 tall, small, young, old, fast and slow but fully inspired runners participated with a time of 2:40:12 h.


Jorge Cardinali is a Portuguese circus artist. He wanted to test his patience in this record and had three china plates spinning on grounded sticks for a total of 4:13:34 hours simultaneously. With this he achieved a new World Record.


Peace and harmony are two qualities we all would like to see spread around the globe. Nuno Figueiredo organized a drawing exhibition with 7095 A4 drawings that were exhibited in the corridors of the stadium. Over 50 schools have participated in this nationwide Portuguese event. The creativity and love the over 7000 children put to paper was moving and inspiring for all visitors! The exhibition can still be seen for the next three weeks.


Carlos Manuel Viera is a fire fighter from Leiria and a very enduring cyclist. He set a new World Records cycling 15:13:55 h on rollers on top of a fire truck in the Leiria Stadium. This is a true testimonial for stamina, patience and self-transcendence!

Photos by Aparajita

The spiritual meaning of colours – Part 2: BEAUTY

beauty-neuColours are essential for our life. As an artist himself Sri Chinmoy loved colours but he also had a feeling for which qualities come from particular colours. In 1974 the first edition of his book “Colour Kingdom” was published, presenting 52 different shades of colours together with the quality and one poem about the subject. In the next couple of weeks we will present you this series and today we continue with BEAUTY. Feel free to make the color larger (by clicking on it). A video summary of all  52 colours and their meaning (Length: 44:49 min) can be found here: Pantone Color No. 252.

A life of constant duty is a life of supernal beauty.

The spiritual meaning of colours – Part 1: AUSTERITY


Colours are essential for our life. As an artist himself Sri Chinmoy loved colours but he also had a feeling for which qualities come from particular colours. In 1974 the first edition of his book “Colour Kingdom” was published, presenting 52 different shades of colours together with the quality and one poem about the subject. In the next couple of weeks we will present you this series and start today with AUSTERITY. Feel free to make the color larger (by clicking on it). A video summary of all  52 colours and their meaning (Length: 44:49 min) can be found here: The Color according to Sri Chinmoy is Pantone number 486. This information is contained in a new reprint edition by Perfection-Glory Press, Augsburg, 2014.

“A life of austerity can never be a guaranteed proximity to God’s Door.”

New statue in Brazil


A new statue of Sri Chinmoy, produced by Kaivalya Torpy, was recently unveiled in the presence of Niterói’s Vice-Mayor Axel Grael in  Niterói, Brazil. The statue’s location is in a very prominent spot in Niterói’s Parque da Cidade (City Park). It’s one of the most visited tourist attractions. The statue is looking over the Guanabara Bay, directly towards another very famous statue in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the famous Christ statue.


Age is in the mind – Age is not in the body

ckg-weight-lifting-1The younger you can become, the faster will be your progress. This is absolutely no joke! I am fast approaching sixty-five years of age. I shall do a few more things in this lifetime which I could not do in my adolescent years. I have already done the head balance, which I could never do, even when I was a champion athlete. And there are five or six more things I shall do in this incarnation which, at the time of my athletic career, I could not do. If you sincerely want to make faster progress, you have to have a childlike heart. By any means, I am begging each and every disciple to bring back your childhood consciousness. Your childhood consciousness is not silly, no. When you were a little boy or a little girl, you were a most beautiful flower. Then over the years age descends on us. We become fruits and then the fruits become rotten. So let us not grow into fruits. Let us only feel that every day we are blossoming, blossoming. Every day we shall blossom and place ourselves at the Feet of our Lord Beloved Supreme.

To each and everyone I am saying, try to make yourself young. Feel that you are only seven years old if you want to make the fastest progress. I assure you, this is the most effective way to make the fastest progress. Do not think that you have to be childish. It is not childish but childlike that we wish to become. God Himself is childlike. When we are childish, we do many, many stupid things. But to go back to our childhood days is not a stupid thing. If you really want to make progress in your life, this is the only way to think of yourself – as young as possible.

It is the mind that makes us feel we are too old, we are useless. This mind has to be silenced by the will of the heart, by the will of the soul. God is always asking us to silence the mind, the mind that tells us we are too old, we are helpless, we are useless, we can do nothing. We must tell the mind that says we can do nothing that the mind itself is nothing and we are everything. It is the light of the soul that can illumine the mind. True, it is a very, very long process, but the mind can be illumined eventually. If you silence the mind, the mind becomes like a tame and faithful dog. Now the mind is all the time barking and biting and frightening us: we cannot do this, we cannot do that.

Age is in the mind; age is not in the body. When we think that we are old, that is the end, the very end, of our journey. Every day at every moment only think that you are a seven-year-old or a nine-year-old or ten-year-old, but do not think that you are over thirty. Do not make it into thirty-one and absolutely not into forty-one! If you cannot make yourself into a seven-year-old child, then at the maximum think of thirteen. Just imagine! Imagination is a reality of its own. Imagination is a world of its own, but you have to bring down that world every day or you have to enter into that world. I always say that physical fitness is of paramount importance. Inside the body is the soul. The soul is not somewhere else. Inside the body-temple is the shrine. If we do not keep the temple in proper condition, the shrine will be totally ruined. So take exercise, lose weight, those who have to lose weight. Those who are physically weak, become strong. Keep your body fit if you really want to make progress.

There are some schools of thought that say the body is useless. Ramana Maharshi and others said to meditate and meditate. I also say the same, but since you are following my path, I must add that the body also plays a most significant role in our spiritual life. Let us strive for physical fitness, not world championships! We shall progress, we shall transcend and transcend, but our goal is physical fitness.

There are some men and women, specially some women, who have surrendered to age. I am telling you that you have to surrender to the heart, not to the mind. If you surrender to your heart, you can make progress every day. If you surrender to your mind, your progress will come to a complete halt. Even if you do not want to take exercise early in the morning, try to make yourself feel that you are quite young. Just go outside and see what happens. Then, while you are walking, try to walk a little faster. While you are doing anything, make the movement faster. Bring back your childlike days when you used to run and play with utmost joy.