Jharna-Kala – the art of Sri Chinmoy

“Jharna-Kala” is the name Sri Chinmoy has chosen for his artwork. It is a Bengali expression and signifies art flowing from the source of creation, flowing from the inspiration the artist receives in his meditation. The paintings are spontaneous and uplifting. Their composition is the intuitive interplay of light and colour flowing across the canvas in both serene and exhilarating rhythms. Never have I met such paintings. They are definitely a new art form: 100 % from the heart, leaving the mind aside. Created in seconds and minutes, they represent the vastness of the spirit and show the beauty of the colours and shapes. I personally have a strong relationship with Sri Chinmoy’s art. The moment I encountered his paintings, I felt a strong attraction. I am therefore happy that I could build a little collection with original artworks, created with vivid acrylic colours. They are only a small segment of a huge body of work, consisting of 150’000 paintings and around 15 million bird drawings. Some pictures can be seen on www.srichinmoyart.com, the ones from my own collection here. I also produced several slideshows and short documentary features that can be watched on www.srichinmoy.tv. Enjoy them!

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