Sri Chinmoy’s first Meeting with U Thant

It was always inspiring to see Sri Chinmoy meeting celebrities from all walks of life throughout the world. Former UN secretary U Thant was one the first. Sri Chinmoy met him on February 29, 1972 at the UN Headquarters In New York. At that occasion, U Thant said: “I have been hearing about you from many, many people. Whoever speaks to me about you is all appreciation and admiration, and I personally feel that you have been doing a most significant task for the United Nations. It has been a great privilege for me to see you. Please feel my sincere respect and sincere concern for what you are doing for mankind.”

Poems from Sabah

When Sri Chinmoy visited Sabah in 2001/2002 over Christmas and New Year time, I had a severe accident and only by the grace of God and the prayers of my master I survived. After being operated in a local hospital I had to stay for some more weeks in Sabah because of my health conditions. During the accident my lungs were punctured and the risk of being in the air and having changing pressure conditions for many hours was too big. So I was forced to stay in and around the hotel. To get some relief of my acute pains I decided to make a little film with the material I had captured during my vacation. And these were landscape scenes at the seashore and within the Resort we were staying in. Then I selected a series of new poems that Sri Chinmoy had written in Sabah and tried to fit them within my movie scenes. You can watch the result here.  – Kedar Misani


Sri Chinmoy’s last Book


Sri Chinmoy has written nearly 1600 books. The last one was on sale the night before his passing. For me this is a special book. It is not a mere Part 52 of the poem series “My Christmas-New-Year-Vacation-Aspiration-Prayers”, it shows that he offered his wisdom and light until the last possible moment. As you may know the last poem of this volume reads:

My physical death
Is not the end of my life –
I am an eternal journey


The cover of this special book memorabilia also reminds us of the many trips we traveled with Sri Chinmoy to many corners of the world. And I remind his statement, that for a disciple to be in the physical presence of a realized master is the highest form of meditation. Luckily we could enjoy this form of meditation for many years. But even now, after his passing, Sri Chinmoy remains in our memories and often I have dreams where he still is in his physical presence. The prayers of this last book, published during his lifetime, were all written in Langkawi, Malaysia in Februay 2006. Let me quote one more poem which we should remember each day of our life:

To enter into God’s Boat,
We need only

A soulful smile.



What is a true Disciple?

One book that Sri Chinmoy treasured a lot is called “A True Disciple”. It is the 1,209th book, published by Agni Press in 1998. With 66 short poems Sri Chinmoy illumines the theme from the point of view of a realised soul. The book is like a compendium that offers us some insight thoughts we can use every day in our spiritual life. Here are a few examples:

A true disciple
Is the divine pride
Of his Master’s heart.

The Master knows
That his true disciple
Is not only available,
But also serviceable
around the clock.

A true disciple
Knows that his Master
Has no will of his own.
God’s Will
Is his Master’s will.

A true disciple
Knows that his Master’s heart
Is his only home.

– Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy’s 21st Piano Anniversary

On February 18th, 2008 we can celebrate the 21st Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s spontaneous improvisational piano playing. At the end of each of his many concerts Sri Chinmoy often made the finale with a powerful piano or organ piece. Most of the time, the piano as well as other musical instruments help him to enter into a trance that connected him with his inner sounds. The results of his playing were most of the time extremely powerful and impressive. In one of his writings Sri Chinmoy says, “A piano has many keys. Each key has its distinct note or sound, a distinct individuality and personality. When the keys are played together, they don’t lose their individuality and personality but they act as a unit and create something really special. In an orchestra, so many instruments are being played, and each instrument represents or embodies a kind of individuality and personality. But when they are played together, they create such a divine atmosphere; they bring down Heaven on earth. If you take them separately, each one will have its own individuality, but it will not be able to achieve that Kingdom of Heaven on earth. So we expand and we strengthen ourselves when we mix together.”

34th Esraj Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy

On Fesrichinmoy-esraj-meditation.jpgbruary 17 we can celebrate the 34th Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s esraj playing. It was on that date in 1974 that the spriritual master from Bengali origin, for the first time played on this popular Indian instrument. While Sri Chinmoy used hun- dreds of musical instrument of all sizes, origin and sound category he especially loved the esraj. After an opening meditation he usually started his concerts – and there were 777 in his lifespan – with this string instrument, which for him was more a mediative vehicle than a purely musical one. During playing he was in deep trance and offered his peace and light to the audience. This instrument has a very sweet, ethereal quality in its tone, and enables Sri Chinmoy to express his meditative music most powerfully and, at the same time, in a most sublime way. You can listen to an earlier Esraj Celebration concert on and watch a video of a performance on August 27, 2005 when Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 74th birthday in New York and more than 1000 visitors from around the world witnessed his esraj playing.

On the meaning of Prasad

Moments I treasured during the physical presence of my master was the ancient spiritual tradition of receiving “Prasad” from the master. After each meditation Sri Chinmoy offered his students a sanctified piece of fruit or a candy that he blessed before and gave us as a token of oneness. Asked about the meaning of Prasad Sri Chinmoy answers in one of his books: “Sometimes seekers want to get some tangible thing or some tangible reality from the Master. On the inner plane they have felt their soul or grown into some reality. Inner food they have got while meditating with me, but it is not enough. They also feel the need of outer food. They want something on the outer plane which will convince their physical minds. They feel that the outer offering also has conscious power. So I give them blessingful prasad, sanctified food, which has been blessed by my inner Pilot, who is everybody’s Inner Pilot. Outer nourishment they get when they come into physical contact with me. So, when they get both inner and outer nourishment, their satisfaction is complete.” I took this photo during one of my first meetings with Sri Chinmoy. To receive Prasad from a master are moments you will never forget and even now when we as his disciples gather together for our meetings and meditations, we practice this habit of sharing a piece of food in remembrance of the master’s spirit and love.
The photo was taken in May 1981 in Oxford by Kedar Misani