34th Esraj Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy

On Fesrichinmoy-esraj-meditation.jpgbruary 17 we can celebrate the 34th Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s esraj playing. It was on that date in 1974 that the spriritual master from Bengali origin, for the first time played on this popular Indian instrument. While Sri Chinmoy used hun- dreds of musical instrument of all sizes, origin and sound category he especially loved the esraj. After an opening meditation he usually started his concerts – and there were 777 in his lifespan – with this string instrument, which for him was more a mediative vehicle than a purely musical one. During playing he was in deep trance and offered his peace and light to the audience. This instrument has a very sweet, ethereal quality in its tone, and enables Sri Chinmoy to express his meditative music most powerfully and, at the same time, in a most sublime way. You can listen to an earlier Esraj Celebration concert on RadioSriChinmoy.org and watch a video of a performance on August 27, 2005 when Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 74th birthday in New York and more than 1000 visitors from around the world witnessed his esraj playing.