Sri Chinmoy’s last Book


Sri Chinmoy has written nearly 1600 books. The last one was on sale the night before his passing. For me this is a special book. It is not a mere Part 52 of the poem series “My Christmas-New-Year-Vacation-Aspiration-Prayers”, it shows that he offered his wisdom and light until the last possible moment. As you may know the last poem of this volume reads:

My physical death
Is not the end of my life –
I am an eternal journey


The cover of this special book memorabilia also reminds us of the many trips we traveled with Sri Chinmoy to many corners of the world. And I remind his statement, that for a disciple to be in the physical presence of a realized master is the highest form of meditation. Luckily we could enjoy this form of meditation for many years. But even now, after his passing, Sri Chinmoy remains in our memories and often I have dreams where he still is in his physical presence. The prayers of this last book, published during his lifetime, were all written in Langkawi, Malaysia in Februay 2006. Let me quote one more poem which we should remember each day of our life:

To enter into God’s Boat,
We need only

A soulful smile.