The meaning of a spiritual name

During his lifetime Sri Chinmoy has given a spiritual name to many of his disciples. About the meaning of spiritual names he wrote: “When I give a spiritual name to a disciple of mine, it is because I see the potentialities and inner capacities of the disciple. I see which qualities this person is likely to bring forward in this incarnation. Each person has many divine qualities, but some of these qualities are more likely or more ready than others to be manifested in this incarnation. So I give different names depending on the soul’s capacity, willingness and eagerness to manifest the divine through some particular divine qualities.”

For me it was a very special occasion, when I got my name, in fact my wife (her name is Nirmala) and me got our names at the same moment which is even more delightful. We were in one of our early meditation centers in Queens, New York – some 25 years ago – and suddenly we got called to Sri Chinmoy’s private room where he first meditated on each of us and then on both of us before blessing us with our names. My name Kedar means: “Meadow. The most soulful and beautiful meadow where the Lord Supreme is found in all His Love, Compassion and Satisfaction.” When you get a spiritual name it is first a very new and unusual feeling. You are born with a name your parents gave you and suddenly the master gives you a soul’s name. With the time I not only accepted it fully but also manifested it in the outer world by changing all my official documents. It took me quite some time to realize what stands behind this name because it is not so easy to understand as for example a spiritual quality. But now I can see that many of my life’s activities show a diversity of many little items, like flowers on a meadow – and all the videos produced on the life of my master resemble colourful flowers that I am offering to the world. – Kedar Misani

Celebrating the Master without the Master

This past week nearly 1000 students of Sri Chinmoy came together for the celebration of the day the master had came to America from India in 1964. In the past we were lucky enough to have the master in the physical, but this April we “only” had is inner presence. Many of us had a mixed feeling, coming all the way to New York this time. But I can tell you, we were rewarded by a volley of inspiring activities: spiritual plays, poems and songs from the many thousands Sri Chinmoy has written or videos of his early meditations in New York. It was a different atmosphere but not less intense. We all know that the master has left an immense body of work in all fields, and we all know that his words, mantras, songs and teachings will be accepted and lived more and more. It was also beautiful to see that our big spiritual family can and will offer love, harmony and understanding among us as well as to the world at large. We planned or next projects to manifest Sri Chinmoy’s light and we all look forward to our next gathering: the celebration of his birthday on August 27, 2008. Five years ago this picture was taken on the same “Aspiration-Ground” where we still hold our current meditations and perform our programs. (Photograph by Mandu Trummer)