An inspiring retreat in Thailand


Some call it retreat, some call it Christmas Trip, some call it a Spiritual Vacation. Over 200 students of Sri Chinmoy gathered in Phuket, Thailand, for the last two weeks. Daily sunny weather with temperatures around 27 °C, a light breeze and a mere 200 meters to the beach were only appealing circumstances of the many meetings with disciples from around the world who thrive for happiness and peace in their daily life and take the advantage of being together to share their inspirational stories, photos and videos, always remembering the time they spent with their teacher Sri Chinmoy, now no more in the physical for more than 6 years. Many say that the intensity of activities even increased because now we all realize that the manifestation of Sri Chinmoy’s teachings, light, literature, music, poetry and artwork is our main task for the remaining years of our own earthly existence.

In Phuket, where Sri Chinmoy himself stayed for an earlier Christmas Trip, we had two functions daily, that usually started with singing songs, followed by various presentations, including recitations, musical performances, readings and early videos, many of them nobody had seen before. Especially inspiring were the stories of disciples revealing when they joined the path and what incidences with Sri Chinmoy stayed in their memories. For example Purnahuti, a disciple for 15 years, now living in Guatemala, told how he had a vivid and detailed dream as a teenager many years before he met his master. He was then traveling to Germany, attended a lecture and learned about a forthcoming visit of Sri Chinmoy to England. Without further due he took his belongings and with 50 $ in the pocket, went to see a concert in the Royal Albert Hall in London, where he met Sri Chinmoy for the first time. Suspicious in the beginning, he was not sure about his connection with the master, but then was reassured by a smile from him during a function.

7063Another fascinating story came in an audio recording from a meeting in New York, where Unmilan gave his personal remembrance of the great miracle lift of 7063 3/4 pounds, that Sri Chinmoy did on January 30th 1987 in his home in New York. Unmilan was the man behind the amazing steel construction that holded the weight.

The evening programs we had in Phuket also included many plays that the disciples prepared taking stories from Sri Chinmoy’s writings and transformed them in their own special way. When the master was in the physical, he often emphasized how much joy our plays gave him. Although we are not professional actors, the performances brought us the stories in a new updated form. Also humor was part of the program. Three disciples from Russia regularly cut jokes in their broken English and a pantomime from Slovakia brought us to laughter and nicely included people from the audience in his acts.

Towards the end of the stay in Thailand we had another inspiring meeting, bringing together ideas for celebrating the 5oth Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s coming to the West in April 1964. So the whole year disciples from around the world will manifest Sri Chinmoy’s light with many many special activities, among them doing lectures, contacting book shops and libraries, publishing new books in many languages and a lot more – we will inform you on this Blog when more details are available.

– Kedar Misani

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