Devashishu’s visit to Zurich

devashishu1dThere were about 50 people at the class yesterday night. Afterwards I spoke to some young seekers from Columbia, Italy, India and Switzerland. They had some very interesting questions about the nature of happiness and how is it possible to pursue your spiritual aspiration and at the same time deal with all your responsibilities in life. Somebody asked me, “Are you really as happy as you seem?”. I answered that like everyone else, I go through ups and downs. But one thing I learned from my Master, Sri Chinmoy, is that Happiness is the nature of our soul, and to be happy is a conscious choice that we can make. Real happiness comes from offering the world our dedicated love and oneness. People were very keen to hear my personal experiences with Sri Chinmoy. I told them about my first meeting with him on a street in London when I was 8 years old. There, in a minute of silence, he conveyed an overwhelming abundance of love and joy that I have never forgotten. At the time I didn’t know it was meditation, but it sowed the seed, and 2 years later I began my daily practice.

We sang three mantras, and the group were not shy at all. The sound was tuneful and powerful. We sang “Aum Govindaya Nama”, “Aum Aparajitaya Nama” and “My Own Gratitude Heart”. After each mantra we held the silence in the room for a full minute. The audience were extremely attentive and keen to experience meditation. I told them that I myself had come to Zurich when I was 17. It was a great time for me. I had just had a turbulent time at College in London, but in Zurich I was able to really focus on re-establishing my daily discipline of meditation. For me, the city of Zurich has a wonderful sense of peace and purity, which are both tremendously conducive to meditation.

– Devashishu Torpy