Huge Bronze Statue of Sri Chinmoy planned in Iceland

Students of Sri Chinmoy focuse their attention on a plot of land at Mt.Esja (near Reykjavik) for a gigantic 13 meter high bronze statue of their master . Another piece of land at Mógilsá is still under consideration and also one in Mosfellsbær.  The environment around the statue will be transformed into a garden by planting trees and building ponds. “This is symbolic for men who search for peace,” said Martin Arnar Marteinsson from the Icelelandic Sri Chinmoy Center. Last November Fréttablaðið reported from a statue project that was then applied to set up in the forestry land at Lundur by Mógilsá . The statue will be dedicated to peace and is designed by English sculpturer Kaivaliya Torpy. Mr. Thorpy has made many man-size bronze statues of Chinmoy around the world. But the statue in Iceland would be by far the largest of the world-famous Indian Guru and Weight-Lifter who passed away in 2007. Marteinn  Arnar says the plot at Esjuberg is being examined along with a plot in Mosfellsbær.  We are still looking for the ideal location. “The Sri Chinmoy group has been working for harmony and goodwill among nations and people for many decades. There are thousands of places that have been dedicated to peace around the world including cities, towns and monuments, ” said Martin. The statue of Sri Chinmoy is also supposed to be a symbol of spreading goodwill into the community. ‘‘This will be an oasis in the desert of everyday stress. People can enjoy peace in the parc.” The Reykjavík planning authority has referred the application for the statue of Esjuberg for consultation with the local muncipality at Kjalarnes.

Translation from: Fréttablaðið


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