New book on Sri Chinmoy’s ashram life


The inner experiences of a spiritual Master are what we crave to hear above all else. Even a few spellbinding insights into the vast realms of the soul, a world that we ourselves have perhaps glimpsed only on rare occasions, fall like sweetest nectar on our ears. And how thrilling these experiences were for the youth who had made his home at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram – to be woken occultly by Sri Aurobindo in the early hours of the morning, to see Lord Krishna in each leaf and fruit of a mango tree, to witness the Supramental Light descending to permeate the earth atmosphere. Sri Chinmoy once reflected, “Those were the days, the golden days, in my Ashram life.” Meanwhile, far from the remote seaside village of Pondicherry in South India, the West was forging ahead in every field, save spirituality. A new generation of seekers craved to know the answers to the most profound questions of life.  To assuage this thirst would come a young man. This is the story of his growing awareness of his Destiny.

Golden Days in Sri Chinmoy’s Ashram Life, by Vidagdha Bennett; Publisher: Equilibrium Books; 276 pages, July 2014