Getty Images features new pictures of Prague sculpture

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Every day a new artwork by Sri Chinmoy


Another Blog I regularly do is daily.srichinmoyart presenting one new reproduction of an artwork by Sri Chinmoy every day. Included are colorful, acrylic Jharna-Kala paintings as well as Soul-Bird Drawings in various shapes and sizes. As an art lover myself I always had a special connection to Sri Chinmoy’s art world and am sure many of the readers of this blog are also appreciating this special, spiritual and unique form of creativity. – Kedar

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Every day one new picture


If you want to remember the many moments together with Sri Chinmoy don’t forget to check because there is one new picture every day. You will find photos of the master in all activities, especially in meditation, smiling and playing musical instruments all over the world. Many people also choose the website as opening site of their browser (easily to be set in the Preferences), so that every time you open it, the site will appear and you can enjoy today’s picture.

PERSONAL PICTURES – A new photo blog to enjoy


One of my big passions always have been and still is photography. To capture a moment in time and do it as good as possible. Besides my hundreds of stills of my teacher Sri Chinmoy I also like to do personal work and here is the link to a new photo blog which I recently started: PERSONAL PICTURES. It adds to the photosHD blog which I still do and btw is my most popular one. The above picture was taken during a vacation in Dubrovnik, featuring my friend Anugata conquering the cold sea in mid-winter.