Japanese Fire Ceremony

With Sri Chinmoy we visited many places around the world, mostly over Christmas and New Year time. One such place was Kagoshima in Southern Japan. During this stay we also invited the Head Monk of the SAIFUKUJI TEMPLE to our function and visited a most powerful fire ceremony in his temple. This film brings you the feeling of a real Japanese fire ceremony. There is no text, no additional music, only the rhythm of the temple drums, the chanting of the monks, the flickering of the fire and the sweat of the people who participated in this ceremony. You can almost sense the heat of the fire, the fume of burning incense and the smoke of the pieces of wood that carry a message of the people – wishes that rise to heaven with the help of the smoke. The video starts with a chant by the Head Monk. The actual fire ceremony starts at 9:19 min. Total length: 30:38 min. Produced by Kedar Misani, kedarvideo Switzerland