Sri Chinmoy’s 74th Birthday Celebration

Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 74th birthday with a variety of amazing performances, among them playing on 74 pianos in one afternoon, playing on 74 different flutes, singing hundreds of new songs in his native Bengali and in English as well as playing 74 compositions on the esraj. He also displayed a lot of new inspiring Jharna-Kala artwork on his “Aspiration-Ground” in Queens, NY, received a huge birthday cake with more than 27,000 candles and drove a carousel with his own leg power. This video brings you the highlights of those festivities, that took place a little bit more than two years before his passing on October 11th, 2007.

Length: 1:10 h
Filmed and edited by Kedar Misani, kedarvideo Switzerland

An Art Potpourri

Sri Chinmoy has painted over 140,000 paintings. His artwork is entitled in Bengali “Jharna-Kala” or in English “Fountain-Art”, an art that comes from the soul. In this film you can dive into the sea of beautiful colors that he spontaneously chose for his creations.

Copyright of all artwork by Sri Chinmoy
Video footage: kedarvideo Switzerland
Editing: Guglielmo
Length: 22:34 min