“Songs of the Soul” – Dubrovnik 2015

“Songs of the Soul” is the title of an ongoing series of concerts to manifest the music of Sri Chinmoy worldwide. This concert took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia, early 2015. Disciples of Sri Chinmoy performed on various instruments and sang his songs. Included a.o. are Alap and Lukas from Zurich, Mandu and Visuddhi from Wels, the Czeck Angnikana’s Group (see cover picture) and Samita & Bhoiravi, Vienna. Filmed and edited by Kedar Misani, kedarvideo, Switzerland.

UPDATE: The next “Songs of the Soul” concerts will take place in Kamakura on March 16, Kyoto on March 18, Tokyo on March 20, Nagano on March 21 (all Japan), Perth, Australia on May 2, then in Austria in Kärnten/Ossiach on May 17, Graz on May 18, Vienna on May 19, Linz on May 21, Salzburg on May 22 and Bad Ischl on May 24.


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