Bridgetown becomes “Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossom”

bridgetownFive members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre attended the Pioneer Park on Saturday March 21 to dedicate Bridgetown, Australia, as a Peace-Blossom town. The Peace Blossom Programme was founded by humanitarian Sri Chinmoy as a way for people to express their support for world peace. “The peace-song is the only song that this world of ours has not yet been able to sing perfectly,” he once said. Hoping to inspire a solution, the growing Peace Blossom programme incorporates over 150 countries and 800 significant states, cities, natural wonders and man-man structures. To become a Peace-Blossom town, leaders declare their support and a plaque ceremony celebrating peace is held. The town then becomes part of a global network of Peace-Blossoms offering a daily reminder of the importance of inner and world peace. Councillor Julia Boyle gave an opening speech and the peace torch was lit and passed around, followed by a choir performance after the unveiling of the plaque.

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