Selected Drawings by Sri Chinmoy

Over the years of his artistic activities Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) created hundreds of drawings and millions of so-called soul-bird-drawings. For the first more than 600 of these cute artwork have been compiled in a video of 1:11 h. The music is by two Russian disciples of Sri Chinmoy, Kushali and Rageshri who performed their music under the name “Silence and Sound” in many parts of the world. Edited 2015 by Kedar Misani.

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The Iceland Meeting of Sri Chinmoy

In October 2000  peace advocate Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) was invited by members of the Icelandic Parliament to meet in a little famous house in Reykjavik where President Gorbachev and President Reagen also met. At this occasion Iceland was honoured as a “Peace-Blossoms-Nation”. Sri Chinmoy also spoke about the significance of peace and Iceland as a good and unique example. I still remember well these precious moments I could witness in Iceland. – Kedar Misani

Kind words about Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting

Selected messages by international figures of the sports world on the weight-lifting activities of Sri Chinmoy. Included are quotes by Mahasamrat Bill Pearl, Dan Lurie, Frank Zane, Larry Scott, Jesse Owens, Sudhahota Carl Lewis, Al Oerter, Tatyana Sarbottama Lebedeva, Bill Rodgers, Yiannis Kouros, Tegla Leroupe and many more. Length: 13:47 min.

Water Meditation

Exploring nature in Switzerland, I made this little film on a mountain spring, concentrating on the quality of water which is equivalent to consciousness. Enjoy or meditate with the pictures as you were at the spring itself. Soundtrack is by Parichayaka Hammerl.

Kushali & Rageshri interpret Sri Chinmoy’s music

Silence-and-SoundThe Russian music group “Silence and Sound” offers us a meditative instrumental performance from a recent live recording in New York. Silence and Sound shares Sri Chinmoy’s songs in a unique setting: two seasoned artists interpreting Sri Chinmoy’s music in a classical music style. This duo of world-class musicians (Kushali and Rageshri) honour Sri Chinmoy’s music by enshrining it in a deep and high artistic interpretation.  We hope you enjoy this wonderful interpretation of Sri Chinmoy’s songs – which combine his spiritual songs, with the best traditions of classical music. Artists: Silence and Sound. Performed on March 28, 2015 on the “Aspiration-Ground” in Queens, New York. Duration: 11:17 min. Listen to the audio track on Radio Sri Chinmoy. There you will find many more powerful compositions by “Silence and Sound”.

“Soul-Bird” Drawings on Objects

Since 1994 Sri Chinmoy created so-called Sould-Bird-Drawings as part of his creative artwork. Especially during his many travels he was very active. Also in January of 2001 he chose handicraft and objects of daily use as canvas for his birds during a vacation in Bali. This is a selection of these little objects that found a new life with the drawings of Sri Chinmoy. Length: 7:23 min. Soundtrack: Antara-Prabhat. Filmed and edited by Kedar Misani, kedarvideo Switzerland.

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A day in the life of Sri Chinmoy

This is an early 16mm film of Sri Chinmoy, produced around 1975. It starts with art. Sri Chinmoy is doing Jharna-Kala painting records and shows his work for the first time in public. One of the achievements was the creation of a big canvas, several meters long. Another chapter shows him in Samadhi in his home, a kind of highest meditation rarely seen in this form. But the film also shows Sri Chinmoy driving himself to the UN where he conducted twice weekly meditations for the staff. One film section is especially cute: you see him taking breakfast and he expresses his love for cucumbers. The last part shows him walking to a meditation on a meadow and then demonstrating several divine qualities and meditation techniques.

Prachar: A deeper Sense of Peace

For this episode of LIFE Voices my interview partner was Prachar Stegemann from Canberra, a talented pianist and singer as well as skilled sportsman. Under the title “A deeper sense of peace” he shares his thoughts on spirituality, the volley of sports events he endeavors in Australia and his vision of peace in all human hearts.