The Peace Torch inside the Langjökull Ice-Cave


From July 1 -24, 2015, the runners of the Sri Chinmy Oneness-Home Peace Run, will cover most of Iceland. 12 international runners carry the peace torch to many muncipalities, to meet kids and grown-ups alike to inspire them to seek peace within themselves. The peace torch was also recently inside the Langjökull ice-cave (see picture). The torch was lit inside the famous ice-cave and then the first symbolic steps were taken in the ice tunnels and on the Langjökull glacier. After that the runners were driven in special snow-trucks down to the start of the glacier where they started the run to Reykjavik City. The organizers of the peace run chose this location because they felt it represents the uniqeness of Iceland and are resounding the words of Sri Chinmoy that Iceland is a pioneer in peace initiatives both with their peace inside the heart of the nation and the peace in nature. By the way, everybody is welcome to join the run.


Photographs by Apaguha Vesely