The Aphorisms of Sri Chinmoy and Other Essays

This is the title of a new Kindle Edition Book by Vidagdha Bennett. Here is her introduction on Amazon:

Vidagdha-BennettIn order to carry his mantric utterances home to the soul, Sri Chinmoy has explored most of the poetic forms that exist in English literature. Basing his oeuvre on the single, highly compacted stanzaic unit, he spans the full gamut of man’s communicative choices: aphorism, prayer, question, lyric, hymn, invocation, equation, definition, conversation, commandment and riddle. Ultimately, his is a microcosmic form of poetry. Each unit is structurally complete and independent of Vidagdha-Sri-Chinmoyits neighbours. Its appearance on the page — so brief that the reader may take it in at a single glance — permits us to grasp the totality of individual poems in a way that is not possible with more extended works. The compression of Sri Chinmoy’s seer-vision within the microcosmic stanzaic form creates what might have been thought impossible in the English language — the effect of word-shrines. These are not born of the poet’s struggle with language but of his victorious acceptance of it. If its powers have waned, he wakes them by using them with a greater dignity than they had previously known; if its words are limited, he gives them new resonance by calling on them to help him approach the highest summits of spiritual vision; where there is power, he preserves it; where there is energy, he harnesses it. All that was immature and undeveloped in the vocabulary of the inner life has now become mature and fully developed. In the poems of Sri Chinmoy the English language achieves at last its true spiritual potential.