Sri Chinmoy Tribute Concert in Manhatten


A special concert will take place this Saturday night, August 29th in NYC (7:30 pm at Baruch Performing Arts Center). World -famous musician L. Subramaniam, recognized for decades as India’s foremost violin Maestro, will be performing in Sri Chinmoy’s honour. He had considered L. Subramaniam to be India’s finest violinist and spiritually soulful beyond compare. L. Subramaniam has rearranged his very busy schedule to come to New York and play as the grand finale to the celebration of Sri Chinmoy’s 84th anniversary. He will be joined by his wife Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam, a Padmashree award-winning “melody queen”; son Ambi Subramaniam, dubbed “the new king of Indian classical violin” by the Times of India; and daughter Bindu Subramaniam with her haunting and hypnotic voice.