JOYLATO – Icecream-shop in Reykjavik


On November 13th at 13:13 h Pranava opened an icecream-shop besides his Health Food Shop in the suburbs of Reykjavik. It is the first of this kind in Iceland using N2 to immediately create an icecream from a milk-like base. 60 poeple attended the opening and more are expected to come next week. After witnessing N2 icream shops in Australia Pranava was working hard to build a nice new enterprise named JOYLATO, after all icream should give you joy. All ingredients are natural or organic and mostly vegan. Customers can choose from 10 different bases and every week there is a new selection of flavours. Current flavours include strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut,  coconut, salted caramel and pineapple/ginger/turmeric. Many topings can be added. The  current staff consists of Ashadeep from Australia, Mandra from New Zealand and Davendra from San Diengo. As you see on the pictures much work was put into a fancy layout, logo and decoration, including a head sculpture of Sri Chinmoy, many pictures of him as well as the notes of a song he composed on icecream. As background color of the enterprise a turquoise was chosen that has the significance of “Hospitality” in Sri Chinmoy’s “Color Kingdom”.


joylato-6Photos by Vasko Jovanov

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