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My name is Stutisheel Lebedev, and I am a 9-time finisher of the world’s longest race – the  3100-Mile Self-Transcendence Race, that takes place annually in Queens, New York. For my best performance, it took me 48 days to complete the distance, averaging 64.3 miles per day. My participation in the 3100-Mile Race changed my life dramatically – I saw and became aware of many things that block or delay the movement towards my goals. For me, this extraordinary race is the best school of life (and also – concentrated life – when everything happens with great intensity and speed), where I can test and verify many approaches and discoveries in nutrition, equipment, but first of all – in the natural unfoldment of your hidden unlimited potential.

I would like to summarise my experiences and findings in a beautiful book for you to use in your daily striving for not giving up, going forward, and for your life’s eternal pursuit for happiness. I believe that we are truly happy only when we exercise our maximum capacities in sport, creativity, career, and family – in all aspects of life. These are the chapters I would like to include in my book as of today:

Your own style
Enjoying each moment
Inner cry
Following your heart
Fullness of life
Beyond the boundaries
Best friends
Searching for the solutions
Necessity of relaxation  for an efficient performance
Best personal example
One Power
Revealing secrets
Global picture of life
Mystery of the Big Race

With your sincere help of funding the publishing of my book, I will be able to spread the spirit of the 3100-Mile Self-Transcendence Race and inspire people to have faith in themselves and to believe that nothing is impossible. I see it as a BIG positive creative impact in everybody’s daily life. I request you not only to contribute the money-power, but to BE a part of this impact, spreading the message by personal example.

My goal is to have  two books of the same content –  one in English and the other – in Russian simultaneously. I will self-publish the books through Create Space. But my desire is to make it as professional and beautiful as possible. Therefore I will need to cover the following expenses:

•Editing, proof reading, and cover design work
•Printing layout and e-book formatting
•Printing of the paper book itself
•Sales description, marketing campaigns and promotions


If you would like to help me complete my book “Run. Journey. Become” and share my story with the world, please donate to this campaign: