August Cycling Challenge 2016

27hzh2015_finish_small1aqHonoring the 85th Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s Birthday of August 27th, disciples of Sri Chinmoy from around the world again plan to cycle as many kilometers as possible from August 12, 6 pm local time until August 13, 9  pm over a span of 27 hours. Vandaniya from the Zurich Centre is the coordinator of the event.

Rocking the Rock of Cashel in Ireland

The group “Oneness-Dream”, all members being students of Sri Chinmoy, perfomed spiritual songs by their master in the famous Rock of Cashel ruin in Tipperary County in Ireland as part of a countrywide one week tour late April 2016. Watch this his historical recording mingling the ancient celtic vibrations with the spiritual songs of a modern master.

Month of Cycling is over

kedar-30-juni-2016Again this year disciple cyclists from 21 countries covered the distance of 60,000 km honoring our master who also was a keen cyclist and established the Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team. The competition was also self-transcendence for many of us. I could for example more than double my distance to 1427.2 km this year (above photo is from my last few kilometers yesterday evening). Watch the whole result list and photos of the participants here. – Kedar