The Perfect Divine Enterprise: Part 3 – Creating Harmony

ckg-enterpriseEnterprises lead by students of Sri Chinmoy are called “Divine Enterprises”. The workers always try to be in a good consciousness and maintain harmony among themselves. Sometimes it is good to remember what Sri Chinmoy himself wrote about this special kind of devoted service to mankind. Many of his quotes have been collected and published in a book called “A Perfect Divine Enterprise” (The Manifestation-Glow Press, Jamaica, New York, 2003). As it is now out of print we are regularly publishing excerpts from this book for your inspiration in this blog.

What can we do to create harmony?
SRI CHINMOY: When we do not have harmony, we remain in the abysmal abyss. It is all darkness: screaming, fighting, wrestling, strangling, boxing, kicking! Lack of harmony comes when I feel that I know how to do something better than you. Lack of harmony is the song and dance of superiority. Because everybody feels superior, disharmony at every moment is entering into our lives. But what is this feeling of superiority if not a feeling of inferiority expressed in a clever way.

Even if we know perfectly well that so-and-so is absolutely wrong, we have to be wise and remain silent. Eventually, the other person will see the light. But if we are all the time fighting and quarrelling, we will only destroy our subtle nerves, which are needed to expedite our spiritual journey. So, if we use our wisdom, automatically self-effacement (in Deutsch: Zurückhaltung) comes. Self-effacement is the easiest and the most effective way to establish harmony. One thing we can do is practice japa, repeating, “Self-effacement, self-effacement, self-effacement.” If we do this japa, we walk on a road that is sunlit and we reach our destination.

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