The Perfect Divine Enterprise: Part 4

Enterprises lead by students of Sri Chinmoy are called “Divine Enterprises”. The workers always try to be in a good consciousness and maintain harmony among themselves. Sometimes it is good to remember what Sri Chinmoy himself wrote about this special kind of devoted service to mankind. Many of his quotes have been collected and published in a book called “A Perfect Divine Enterprise” (The Manifestation-Glow Press, Jamaica, New York, 2003). As it is now out of print we are regularly publishing excerpts from this book for your inspiration in this blog.

What makes a perfect divine enterprise?
SRI CHINMOY: The perfect divine enterprise is the joint contribution of perfect workers. A divine enterprise embodies the golden opportunity to serve the Supreme in a very significant and tangible manner. The owners of the divine enterprise must always remember that their divine enterprises are supreme Gifts of the Supreme, to be utilised by the Supreme Himself. The owners and the managers must develop, if they have not developed already, a magnanimous heart—an ocean-vast heart. They have to sympathise with the workers and they have to feel the needs of the workers at every moment. They must feel that they and their workers are part and parcel of the same family. Divine enterprise owners must not think of being multimillionaires in the outer life. They can become millionaires in the inner life just like those who work there.

Your inspiration is infinitely more important than dollars in the bank. You come into the world with a special mission and vision. Wherever you are, you have the mission to do something special for the Supreme. Your mission comes from vision, and your vision comes from a higher source, which is your Guru.

Oneness, oneness, oneness! The perfect enterprise is perfect oneness in the inner world and perfect oneness in the outer world. People who work in a divine enterprise should feel that they are extremely fortunate. When you want to do something, the opportunity is given; whereas when you work in other places, the opportunity may not be given. Perhaps the person beside you is unaspiring, and you will have to listen to his undivine conversation. The money-power that is needed, God will give. Heart-power, also, God will give. But if you pray for more money-power than you actually need, it makes Him sad. God knows that it will destroy your consciousness. You can pray for heart-power as much as you want and He will give it; but if you pray for money-power, it makes Him sad.

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