New Guinness Record: 72,000 burning candles

72,000-Burning-Candles-Guinness-World_Record-smNew York – 27 August 2016. 61-year-old Guinness world record champion Ashrita Furman set a world record in the borough Queens of New York, by lighting 72,000 candles to burn simultaneously on a huge birthday cake. A team of 70 helpers from all over the world spent several hours counting and inserting the thousands of colourful birthday candles in a cake spanning 45 by 10 feet (13.5 by 3 meters). Then the candles were lit in a space of just two minutes. Ashrita, manager of a New York health food store, dedicated the new Guinness Record as an expression of gratitude to Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007), stating: “Our teacher came from India to offer us the light of meditation. With tremendous gratitude we are honouring what would be his 85th birthday with light of 72,000 candles.” Ashrita set 622 Guinness world records in his lifetime – more than any other Guinness figure. His 72,000-candle event will become his 207th currently standing record. The audience of 1000 friends and supporters of Sri Chinmoy’s lifetime of work for peace sang the traditional “Happy Birthday” song. After the candles were extinguished, many members of the audience enjoyed a piece of cake. Ashrita had been waiting to attempt the new record after his previous record of 48,000 candles was upset by a team who lit 50,000 candles in April, 2016. (Photos: Jowan Gauthier)


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