Marathon Swim on Lake Zurich

47 solo swimmers and 18 teams from all over the world participated in the 29th International Sri Chinmoy Marathon Swim on Lake Zurich this August. The weather conditions were again excellent with a quiet lake in the morning, only in the afternoon the swimmers had to face some headwind and waves from boats. The water was warm with 23°C, the sky sunny with an air temperature of 26°C. The first swimmers who arrived in Zürich was the team “Rahel und Roger” with Roger Bommer and Rahel Küng in 6h 31m 07s. Only four minutes later the first solo swimmer Till Mesmer reached the goal. The fastest solo swimmer among the women was Georgina Kovacs from Australia with a time of 6h 59min 31s. Anna De Lozier from the USA set a new record in the Masters category with 7h 39m 59s. Steffen Hartig broke the record in the category Men Masters with wet suit with a new time of 6h 43m 22s. Produced 2016 by kedarvideo, Switzerland, music by Parichayaka Hammerl.