Impossibility Challenger Berlin 2016

On November 20th 2016 athletes from various countries met in Berlin-Potsdam to set new personal and world records as part of this year’s IMPOSSIBILITY CHALLENGER, organized by the Sri Chinmoy Centres and the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team. For me the most amazing act was the reciting of all 843 poems of Sri Chinmoy’s book “Transcendence-Perfection” by heart, presented by Mahiruha!

Sri Chinmoy in Bali 2004

A Christmas vacation brought Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) to Bali in 2004. He met with the Balinese culture, got several awards, honoured people by lifting them with a special machine as part of the “Lifting up the world with a oneness-heart” program, met with the King of Solo, Sinoehoen Pakoeboenono XII and the Royal family, and gave several concerts. In between some of his artwork, glimpses of a “Fruit & Vegetable Carving Competition” as well as pictures of a peace tree planting and some tennis exercise are to be seen. Filmed and edited by kedarvideo, Switzerland

Peace Run for the first time in Greenland 2016

This slideshow / video shows how the Peace Run for the first time ever visited Greenland. It was a wonderful experience. Greenland people were very open and kind. We visited all the schools in NUUK with the Peace Team program, organized a public run, had a radio interview + TV coverage. We passed the peace torch to to members of parliament and a kind lady mayor, who proclaimed NUUK the Sri Chinmoy Peace capital. We were also lucky to see beautiful Northern lights – Aurora borealis.

Sri Chinmoy demonstrates the 3 forms of Samadhi

Sri Chinmoy demonstrates the three steps of Samadhi: Savikalpa, Nirvikalpa and Sahaja. See unofficial transcript of text below (thanks to Adrien). August 1993. Filmed by kedarvideo, Switzerland.

“Now, I will embody and reveal and manifest what we call SAVIKALPA samadhi, this samadhi allows thought-waves to come in, but not to be affected at all. It is like the flight of birds, they are flying but the sky is not affected, the sky is not scratched. So thought may come but you are not perturbed, you are not disturbed you are not affected in any way. Your indomitable will is infinitely stronger than the thought-waves that your mind is encountering.

Now NIRVIKALPA samadhi, here there will be no thought, no iota of thought, nothing.You are in your loftiest consciousness, your aspiration-flame is up rising high, higher, highest. Nothing can prevent you from entering into your own highest transcendental consciousness and nothing will follow you. You and your own aspiring consciousness, and if you are already realized then with your realization consciousness. Nothing. You and your highest, no thought whatsoever. No incident, nothing. Absolutely you are in the world of blossoming peace, you can say blossoming peace or peace in its absolute tranquility. Here vastness and immensity and transcendental height are inseparable, and you are growing into that divinity’s reality. Nirvikalpa is infinitely higher than Savikalpa.

Now comes the third one. Believe it or not, I am telling you, even I am now playing with this (tapping the mic), most of you think that I am in my most ordinary consciousness, only my Beloved Supreme knows, whether I am in my absolute highest consciousness or not. When I cut jokes with you, when I scold you, bark at you, that consciousness I do not lose, that’s Sahaja samadhi. It becomes part and parcel of your life breath, you can’t separate your life breath from Sahaja samadhi. It is natural, more than natural, anything that you call natural in your life. It is something that not only you have but you have become, it is not only higher than the highest, it encompasses everything, the entire world, universe. The song of self transcendence. I always say that our Lord Beloved Supreme, who is my Guru, your Guru, everybody’s Guru, there is only one Guru, here on earth there in heaven, it is the Supreme.” – Sri Chinmoy