New interview with Sanjay Rawal

Courtesy to the Mind Pump Podcast, we are publishing this interview with Sanjay Rawal, author of several documentaries and disciple of Sri Chinmoy. His newest work is “3100: Run and Become”, featuring the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race in Queens, NY, as well as the three heroic aspirants Shaun Martin-Navajo, Gaolo-San Bushmen and Gyoman-san-Monks of Mt. Hiei Japan. They all run not for glory but for spiritual enlightenment, universal oneness or because they simply have the responsibility to run. As a spiritual seeker and runner Sanjay reveals the secrets about the film and his life. An inspiration for all of us!

Sanjay’s interview is podcast no. 992


Daily inspiration on instagram

instagramOver Christmas time I created two new channels on instagram for your daily inspiration: one features one 1-minute video every day and one shows 1 – 2 art reproductions of Sri Chinmoy. In the next couple of days I exclusively will publish on the art channel pictures of actual sponges that Sri Chinmoy used for his painting. You can follow both acccounts on your instagram app: kedarvideo and srichinmoy_art or on the desktop of your computer, these are the direct links:

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