88th Birthday Anniverasy

1966-sri-chinmoyToday disciples, followers and friends of Sri Chinmoy are celebrating his 88th Birthday Anniversary. About 1000 disciples are gathered in Queens, New York, where a big celebration takes place during the whole day. Others are celebrating at home or in their respective Meditation Centers. All Divine Enterprises are closed. (Photo was taken in 1966)

Snatak passed away on the way to New York

Long-time friend and nurse Nirbasha with Snatak in Bristol in May 2019

Snatak, a former good singer, runner and manifestation genius of Iceland, passed away yesterday on the way to New York to attend this year’s Birthday Celebration of Sri Chinmoy. After years of struggle and sacrifice, his physical has surrendered. Inspired by deep love of Sri Chinmoy’s songs, Snatak’s cherished child, the ONENESS-DREAM choir, has grown from seed to a small but robust and extremely promising plant. As Prachar stated in a mail to the members of the group,  “it will be our privilege to nurture and nourish Snatak’s Oneness-Dream to bring Sri Chinmoy’s Songs to aspiring hearts and households the world over. May we strive tirelessly with love, gratitude and joy always in service of Snatak’s adamant enduring dream for Sri Chinmoy to be world famous for His Songs.”

Snatak and the ONENESS-DREAM choir in the King’s College in Cambridge, May 2019
(Click on picture to enlarge/Photos by Kedar Misani)

Two years ago film-maker Sanjay Rawal made an impressive documentary on the life of Snatak, premiered at the 2017 Reykjavik Film Festival and then screened on many international film festivals.

2019 Lake Zurich Marathon Swim

On August 4th 2019 the 32nd edition of the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Marathon Swim over the length of the Lake Zurich in Switzerland took place with splendid weather and water conditions. Members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team made this even unforgettable for all participants: solo swimmers as well as relay teams. First man in the main category was Dimitar Videnov from Bulgaria in 6:31 h, first among the women was Sandra Hornig from Germany in 6:51 h. “Team Cally” from London was the fastest team in a new record time of 5:49 h; best team in the non wetsuit category was team “Chlorine-Free” from Switzerland with 6:58 h. See the whole result list as well as a link to the photo gallery here: ch.srichinmoyraces.org/z%C3%BCrichsee-schwimmen-marathon-swim.

North Wales Chronicle reports on new statutes of Sri Chinmoy

wales-statue-sri-chinmoyScreen Shot 2019-08-11 at 09.36.10Held on August 4, the figures – depicting Peace Run founder Sri Chinmoy – were officially presented to the public by Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas at Treborth Botanic Garden, Bangor and Parc Padarn in Llanberis. Having been welcomed by Treborth Gardens curator Natalie Chivers and once the ceremony had taken place, the runners then set off for Llanberis where a second one was to be unveiled.

Councillor Edgar Wyn Owen, Chair of Gwynedd Council, was then on hand to welcome the statue which has been placed at Llanberis’ Parc Padarn, near the Slate Museum. It had previously stood near Llyn Padarn but it was decided that it should be moved to the Parc instead.

“The peace statue is now in a much more peaceful location where it will be left alone and people can enjoy looking at it,” said Cllr Kevin Morris Jones, who lives in Llanberis. “Even the people who were originally opposed to the idea of moving the statue now seem content with the location where it has been placed. “I think it blends in better with the surroundings and is in a much more suitable location.”

The statues have been created by London based artist Kaivalya Peter Torpy, who was in attendance at both ceremonies. Members of the public were invited to run, cycle or walk the distance from the statue in Bangor to its equivalent in Llanberis, a distance of around 12 miles. Peace Run coordinator for Wales, John Evans, said: “For years, Peace Runners have been charmed by the Welsh reception. It’s been so generous. “The Run has often come through villages, schoolchildren have run to hold the torch, while grandparents have offered tea and cakes. People have been so warm and friendly.”

SOURCE: https://www.northwaleschronicle.co.uk/

Peace Statues in Wales 2019

On Sunday 4th August 2019 two statues were inaugurated in North Wales and dedicated to Peace. The Peace runners attended the first inauguration in the beautiful Treborth Botanic Garden and then carried the torch to the second inauguration by the lake in Llanberis at the foot of Mount Snowdon. Please enjoy this short film of the historic occasion. This special day inspired a new venture: the Peace Statue Challenge. For more information please visit: https://www.peacestatuechallenge.org/.

To locate the North Wales Peace Statues please see the links and maps below.

Llanberis – Gilfach Ddu, Padarn Country Park, Llanberis LL55 4TY

Treborth – Near Treborth Coastal/Forest Path, Bangor LL57 2RQ


Italian Adventurer Sergio Davi makes Ice Rib Challenge with Peace Torch

s652 year old Sergio Davi from Palermo (Italy) is currently crossing the oceans from Palermo to New York City on a 700 hp speedboat, named “Nautilus Explorer” and carries the Sri Chinmoy Peace Torch with him. Pranava, a disciple from Iceland, joined him from Reykjavik to Kasilac on Greenland. Expected arriving time in NYC is August 25th. He hopefully will attend the final ceremony of the Peace Run. More news on his FB page.


Ashprihanal finishes Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race in 47 d 1:39:34 h

ashprihanal-2.jpgAshprihanal Aalto won the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race for a record ninth time, turning in a solid performance under difficult summer weather conditions. He finished 3100 miles in 47 days+01:39:34, making an average of 65.864 miles/105.998 km per day. The wiry Finn received congratulations from the Finnish Consul General after completing this event for the 15th time in his sparkling career. Since 1999, Ashprihanal has run 30 multi-day events, reaching the podium in all 30, and winning 21 of them. He has accumulated 56,138.567 miles (90,346.260 km) in these 30 events. Amazing stuff. The non-plussed but humble runner was serenaded by singers, friends, reporters and cameramen after crossing the line. He thanked all his supporters, and those responsible for getting him to the finish line so many times. He is truly a special athlete.