Snatak passed away on the way to New York

Long-time friend and nurse Nirbasha with Snatak in Bristol in May 2019

Snatak, a former good singer, runner and manifestation genius of Iceland, passed away yesterday on the way to New York to attend this year’s Birthday Celebration of Sri Chinmoy. After years of struggle and sacrifice, his physical has surrendered. Inspired by deep love of Sri Chinmoy’s songs, Snatak’s cherished child, the ONENESS-DREAM choir, has grown from seed to a small but robust and extremely promising plant. As Prachar stated in a mail to the members of the group,  “it will be our privilege to nurture and nourish Snatak’s Oneness-Dream to bring Sri Chinmoy’s Songs to aspiring hearts and households the world over. May we strive tirelessly with love, gratitude and joy always in service of Snatak’s adamant enduring dream for Sri Chinmoy to be world famous for His Songs.”

Snatak and the ONENESS-DREAM choir in the King’s College in Cambridge, May 2019
(Click on picture to enlarge/Photos by Kedar Misani)

Two years ago film-maker Sanjay Rawal made an impressive documentary on the life of Snatak, premiered at the 2017 Reykjavik Film Festival and then screened on many international film festivals.