Painting in China

This is the second part of a painting session of Sri Chinmoy in a hotel in Qingdao, China. One afternoon tables, Chinese paper, brushes and paint cups were prepared and the artist spent several hours creating dozens of long format pictures which were later beautifully displayed in another location of his Chinese trip. Only a few of his students knew of this event and watched carefully when the master soulfully created his artworks piece by piece with only short interruptions allowing his assistants to prepare the next empty sheet. All pictures were titled at the bottom in English and Chinese and later completed with an especially produced red artist’s stamp in the Chinese tradition.

When to teach children about spirituality?

childrenQuestion: When do you begin to teach children about spirituality?

Sri Chinmoy: We start the day the child enters into the world. In India, mothers sing religious songs, spiritual songs, prayers, from the day the child is born. Then at the age of four, most of the Indian mothers teach their children to learn a few spiritual verses or chants. The mother spends much time at home chanting spiritual prayers or praying and meditating with the young child. The child may not be aware of these prayers, but he learns from his mother. Then when the child is six years old, he is taught by the village priest and the parents the meaning of the inner life and spirituality. They make it very clear to the children that God is not in Heaven, God is not in the caves of the Himalayas; God is inside their hearts. God is everywhere. For these children, the very name of God makes them feel that He is all Love and Compassion for them. First we try to make the children feel that God is all Love, rather than all Justice. Through love of God we try to help children grow.

From the book: “THE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY: Oneness in Diversity”

Jharna-Kala show in Palermo, Italy

songsofthesoul-srichinmoyThe art of Sri Chinmoy, founder of the Peace Run, arrives in Palermo within the “Week of Peace”, from 8 to 16 November 2019. The message that Sri Chinmoy has conveyed for years, of a disarming simplicity, is that “Peace in the world begins in the heart of each of us, and that we all have an important and unique role to play in making the world a more harmonious place”. His paintings are dedicated and inspired by peace and harmony among peoples: they are paintings created with the hope of being able to help and strengthen human progress towards the awareness, in the conscience of each individual, of being a citizen of the world and part of a family-world. Many of these paintings have already been exhibited at the “Carrousel du Louvre” in Paris, in 2006.

The Sicilian leg comes, as pointed out, after a long tour that has touched the whole world, including: the Espace Miro Unesco Paris, Mall Gallery London, Sydney Opera House, Art Gallery London, Carnegie Hall London, National Art Center Ottawa, Buckman Hall NY and institutional sites: City Hall in Oslo, Senate Foyer in Canberra, Seat of Parliament in Ukraine, UN Headquarters in NY and at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Paintings for World Peace and Harmony is a widespread exhibition that will involve 14 places in the city: the Falcone Borsellino Airport, where some significant copies will be exhibited; Palazzo delle Aquile, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Botanical Garden, the GAM, the Faculty of Law, the Steri, the Polididactic Hall of Viale delle Scienze, the oncology department of the Civic, the Malaspina prison and the Court of Palermo , the Sant’Antonino University Library. The project intended to involve Sicilian schools, museums and artistic-educational realities in promoting a culture of peace through art, in the wake of the consideration that love for beauty cannot but be combined with love for life and its custody.

Inside Palazzo Sant’Elia, which will host about 250 original works of Sri Chinmoy, 100 meter long “Canvas for Peace” will be drawn by elementary school children, divided into different sections according to the themes of Peace, Harmony and Brotherhood indicated in the paintings of Sri Chinmoy. The children of the immigrant communities will begin the drawing on November 9th with the theme “World Family”, at the same time all the children of Palermo, from November 8th to 15th, are invited to design the Canvas for Peace at the Sant’Elia Museum, becoming each artist-builder of Peace. The 100 meters realized inside the museum will be joined by the paintings designed by the boys of the Malaspina Penal Institute and by the Riso and GAM museums of Palermo, Castello Orsino of Catania and the Civic Museum of Messina, thus reaching a total length of 150 meters.

The visit to the exhibition will be accompanied by music that will welcome the visitor in a meditative dimension of harmony. In addition, everyone will be able to hold the Peace Torch and dedicate a minute of silence to it.

Palazzo Riso, on the other hand, will host a photographic exhibition at the Foresteria on the life and philosophy of the artist, as well as an exhibition space. Here the detailed schedule of the week of peace, which will have a symbolic beginning, day 1 November at 10 am with the great party of “Notte di Zucchero” in Piazza Bellini, and will offer, among other activities, a tribute to the composer’s music, Indian artist, poet and philosopher Sri Chinmoy passed away in 2007, with a free concert, Thursday 10 November at the Real Teatro Santa Cecilia (8 pm).

The project was carried out with the Municipality of Palermo, the support of the University and the CUS of Palermo; in partnership with the Academy of Fine Arts.