Ramita: Winter Beauty

Ramita loves the music of Sri Chinmoy and mingles her own soulfulness with the inner qualities of her master – with the help of her beloved harp. In her musical interpretations she captures the beauty of the melodies; in her photographs she captures the stillness of Mother Nature. The music for this slideshow is “Chitta Aji” by Sri Chinmoy. Edited by kedarvideo.

827 Hungarian children sing peace songs

On October 21, 2019, 827 children (between 7-19 years old) from 23 schools in Pécs and the surrounding area sang at the famous Kodály Center – one of the best music halls in Hungary – 15 peace songs in Bengali and English by Sri Chinmoy, accompanied by the ensemble “Mountain-Silence” in honor of the United Nations International Day of Peace. At the end all the children – the whole audience – gave a standing ovation, clapping and thrumming enthusiastically. As an “encore” the children sang two songs once more with great joy and enthusiasm.

The next big project will be a similar group of children but coming from many places around the world. The event is planned for the 30th of October 2020 in Győr. If you have ideas to realize this event or want to participate please contact: kinga.csornay@gmail.com.


Concert dedicated to Leonard Bernstein

In October 1993 Sri Chinmoy visited Miyazaki (Japan) to participate in the Masters Games competition with a 100m sprint. At the same time he gave four peace concerts, one of them being dedicated to Leonard Bernstein on October 14th. It was the 3rd anniversary of Bernstein’s passing in 1990. During these concerts Sri Chinmoy used to meditate a lot in between the musical pieces, so this is a concert and meditation video. Filmed and edited by kedarvideo, Switzerland

Sri-Chinmoy-BernsteinSri Chinmoy with Leonard Bernstein

Spiritual Qualities in Art Form

Since 1974 Sri Chinmoy was a prolific modern artist with the emphasis of creating artwork that comes from the heart and not from the mind. Thus, he called his paintings “Jharna-Kala” which is the Bengali word for “Fountain-Art”. On one occasion he concentrated on spiritual qualities and translated them into art. Watch this video which I made during an exhibition in Manhatten in April 2002. Flute music by Sri Chinmoy.