Heraklion ONENESS-DREAM Concert 2020

ONENESS-DREAM is a male voice a cappella singing group whose members follow the spiritual teachings of Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007). Since 2011 the choir is touring around the world and gives solo concerts in selected places. One such performance took place on January 12, 2020 in the Basilica of Saint Mark in Heraklion, Crete (Greece).

Heraklion welcomes Sri Chinmoy group


CRETALIVE published the following article:

Sri Chinmoy Peace Centers have been established worldwide in over 60 countries to promote Peace, Culture, and Sport as a follow-up to the work of Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007), who was a notable author, poet , musician, painter, athlete, and meditation teacher. He believed that the transformation of mankind and the achievement of Peace would only take place through reconciliation of spirit with matter and had for many years developed an unmatched spiritual, artistic and athletic activity by establishing the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team and Peace Run. He has been respected and loved throughout the world, with remarkable friends such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Mikhail Gorbachev,, Pope John Paul II, Pope Paul VI, Dr. Davidson Hepburn (President of the 35th UNESCO General Assembly), Carl Lewis, Muhammad Ali and many others.

Members of the Peace Centers exceed 5,000 and exhibit significant activity, organizing sporting events, seminars, concerts, theatrical performances and many cultural events in common with the promotion of World Peace.

Every year during the Christmas season the annual world meeting of its members takes place from around the world (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia) and by 2020 they are meeting in Heraklion. In collaboration with the Municipality of Heraklion, various peace concerts and activities are planned.

On Thursday January 9th, the guests were welcomed by Ms. Aristea Plevri, Deputy Mayor of Culture and Volunteerism, Mrs. Evi Martimianaki Head of the Department of Culture and representatives of the Municipality at the historic Basilica of Our Lady of Saint Basil. separate symbolic gifts with the tourist guide Greece is Crete and the publication “Echoes of Antiquity in the Work of Dominic Theotokopoulos”, and a tour of the history of Heraklion and all of Kr. That. In honor of the host, visitors from 40 different countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Germany, England, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, France, Russia, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Israel, America, America, Israel, America, South Africa, Australia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala etc. sang songs in favor of Peace and symbolically lit the Torch of Peace that has held thousands of people around the world so far.

A 2nd article appeared here: http://www.voltarakia.gr


The Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation is a special form of meditation that spiritual leader and peace advocate Sri Chinmoy used a lot on his transformed tennis-court “Aspiration-Grund” in Jamaica, Queens (NY) to inwardly communicate with his disciples that gathered several times a year in New York. Filmed by kedarvideo, Switzerland in April 1993.

The New Year on 1-1-1994


Sri Chinmoy: “On the first day of this year, I was in Nandi, Fiji. My father’s soul came to me and we had a marathon conversation. Then I became inspired to draw birds representing my father, my mother and my sisters and brothers as part of my series of one million birds. Although these soul-bird drawings are part of my one million, they are not like the other birds. These bird drawings are something special in my own life. In these birds, I have put the consciousness of my father, my mother and my sisters and brothers. I can see it very vividly, very vividly. Strangely enough, when my students counted the number of little birds in my mother’s drawing, they found the exact number to be 3,127 — and I happened to be born in 1931 on August 27th.” – This photo by Prashphutita Greco was published today on: https://www.srichinmoy-reflections.com/.