My first Ironman

stutisheelThis book has just been released end of January 2015 by Stutisheel Oleg Lebedev, a disciple of Sri Chinmoy and participant of the world’s longest foot race, the 3100 mile race in Queens, New York. In this book you will find a first-hand account of comprehensive preparation for and participation in an Ironman triathlon. An Ironman consists of a 3.8 km (2.4 mi) – swim, 180 km (112 mi) cycling and a 42.195 km (26.2 mi) run. The author’s official finish time in his first attempt was 11:10:50. The book is for anyone taking their first steps in triathlon training and racing, and trying to unfold their ultimate potential.

For more information visit his website

Age is in the mind – Age is not in the body

ckg-weight-lifting-1The younger you can become, the faster will be your progress. This is absolutely no joke! I am fast approaching sixty-five years of age. I shall do a few more things in this lifetime which I could not do in my adolescent years. I have already done the head balance, which I could never do, even when I was a champion athlete. And there are five or six more things I shall do in this incarnation which, at the time of my athletic career, I could not do. If you sincerely want to make faster progress, you have to have a childlike heart. By any means, I am begging each and every disciple to bring back your childhood consciousness. Your childhood consciousness is not silly, no. When you were a little boy or a little girl, you were a most beautiful flower. Then over the years age descends on us. We become fruits and then the fruits become rotten. So let us not grow into fruits. Let us only feel that every day we are blossoming, blossoming. Every day we shall blossom and place ourselves at the Feet of our Lord Beloved Supreme.

To each and everyone I am saying, try to make yourself young. Feel that you are only seven years old if you want to make the fastest progress. I assure you, this is the most effective way to make the fastest progress. Do not think that you have to be childish. It is not childish but childlike that we wish to become. God Himself is childlike. When we are childish, we do many, many stupid things. But to go back to our childhood days is not a stupid thing. If you really want to make progress in your life, this is the only way to think of yourself – as young as possible.

It is the mind that makes us feel we are too old, we are useless. This mind has to be silenced by the will of the heart, by the will of the soul. God is always asking us to silence the mind, the mind that tells us we are too old, we are helpless, we are useless, we can do nothing. We must tell the mind that says we can do nothing that the mind itself is nothing and we are everything. It is the light of the soul that can illumine the mind. True, it is a very, very long process, but the mind can be illumined eventually. If you silence the mind, the mind becomes like a tame and faithful dog. Now the mind is all the time barking and biting and frightening us: we cannot do this, we cannot do that.

Age is in the mind; age is not in the body. When we think that we are old, that is the end, the very end, of our journey. Every day at every moment only think that you are a seven-year-old or a nine-year-old or ten-year-old, but do not think that you are over thirty. Do not make it into thirty-one and absolutely not into forty-one! If you cannot make yourself into a seven-year-old child, then at the maximum think of thirteen. Just imagine! Imagination is a reality of its own. Imagination is a world of its own, but you have to bring down that world every day or you have to enter into that world. I always say that physical fitness is of paramount importance. Inside the body is the soul. The soul is not somewhere else. Inside the body-temple is the shrine. If we do not keep the temple in proper condition, the shrine will be totally ruined. So take exercise, lose weight, those who have to lose weight. Those who are physically weak, become strong. Keep your body fit if you really want to make progress.

There are some schools of thought that say the body is useless. Ramana Maharshi and others said to meditate and meditate. I also say the same, but since you are following my path, I must add that the body also plays a most significant role in our spiritual life. Let us strive for physical fitness, not world championships! We shall progress, we shall transcend and transcend, but our goal is physical fitness.

There are some men and women, specially some women, who have surrendered to age. I am telling you that you have to surrender to the heart, not to the mind. If you surrender to your heart, you can make progress every day. If you surrender to your mind, your progress will come to a complete halt. Even if you do not want to take exercise early in the morning, try to make yourself feel that you are quite young. Just go outside and see what happens. Then, while you are walking, try to walk a little faster. While you are doing anything, make the movement faster. Bring back your childlike days when you used to run and play with utmost joy.

New book on Sri Chinmoy’s ashram life


The inner experiences of a spiritual Master are what we crave to hear above all else. Even a few spellbinding insights into the vast realms of the soul, a world that we ourselves have perhaps glimpsed only on rare occasions, fall like sweetest nectar on our ears. And how thrilling these experiences were for the youth who had made his home at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram – to be woken occultly by Sri Aurobindo in the early hours of the morning, to see Lord Krishna in each leaf and fruit of a mango tree, to witness the Supramental Light descending to permeate the earth atmosphere. Sri Chinmoy once reflected, “Those were the days, the golden days, in my Ashram life.” Meanwhile, far from the remote seaside village of Pondicherry in South India, the West was forging ahead in every field, save spirituality. A new generation of seekers craved to know the answers to the most profound questions of life.  To assuage this thirst would come a young man. This is the story of his growing awareness of his Destiny.

Golden Days in Sri Chinmoy’s Ashram Life, by Vidagdha Bennett; Publisher: Equilibrium Books; 276 pages, July 2014

Animal Kingdom 5 – Buffalo: Wisdom


Sri Chinmoy wrote a fascinating little compendium on the spiritual meaning of animals which was published by Agni Press in 1973. Today’s poem features the buffalo.

Buffalo: Wisdom

Buffalo, my buffalo,
O bearer of Yamaraj,
King of death,
Your wisdom-sun
Controls humanity’s breath.
You teach the world:
Until Eternity’s Cry is won,
Until Immortality’s Smile is won,
Until earth-pangs and Heaven-Bliss
Are made supremely one,
Nothing is done, nothing is done.

Sri Chinmoy, Animal Kingdom, Agni Press, 1973

Animal Kingdom 3 – Bear: Vengefulness


Sri Chinmoy wrote a fascinating little compendium on the spiritual meaning of animals which was published by Agni Press in 1973. Today’s poem features the bear.

Bear: Vengefulness

Bear, my bear,
Your sense of vengefulness
Far surpasses human might;
Yet unconsciously
You cry for the human height.
Nothing satisfies you for long;
Not even satisfaction-day.
Inseparable your proud wisdom
And wild ignorance-clay.

Sri Chinmoy, Animal Kingdom, Agni Press, 1973


Transcendence-Perfection-Sri-ChinmoyThis Sunday it was exactly 34 years since Sri Chinmoy established a poetry record by writing 843 poems within 24 hours – and 1 day later a book with all poems was published entitled “Transcendence-Perfection”. This is the cover of the original edition. The poems can also be read online on Let me quote one of the poems:

I live in the hope of meeting Him.
I live in the hope of loving Him.
I live in the hope of pleasing Him.
I live in the hope of fulfilling and manifesting Him.
I live, I live.


60 x Gratitude

kedar-3aTo celebrate my 60th birthday I would like to offer 60 personal gratitude-prayers:

1. Gratitude for being on this lovely Earth
2. Gratitude for having the opportunity to realize God
3. Gratitude for 60 years of life in this incarnation
4. Gratitude for meeting my master 30 years ago
5. Gratitude for getting a second life after my accident in Sabah
6. Gratitude to have a healthy body
7. Gratitude for living in beautiful Switzerland
8. Gratitude for all the beautiful nature on this planet
9. Gratitude for having a lovely and soulful wife
10. Gratitude for having all I need for my living
11. Gratitude for working in a divine enterprise
12. Gratitude for having a meditation Centre in our town
13. Gratitude for our powerful sun that gives us energy every day
14. Gratitude for having produced 108 DVD’s on the live of my master
15. Gratitude for my daily meditations
16. Gratitude for the fruits of our garden
17. Gratitude for the air we can breath every day
18. Gratitude for having met my master numerous times personally
19. Gratitude for all that I can manifest daily
20. Gratitude for all the countries I could travel
21. Gratitude for our nice apartment
22. Gratitude for not having material problems
23. Gratitude for having met so many beautiful people
24. Gratitude for Mother Earth
25. Gratitude for Father Heaven
26. Gratitude for God who is guiding us all
27. Gratitude for all the colors that surround us
28. Gratitude for peace
29. Gratitude for being happy
30. Gratitude for our universe in which we live

31. Gratitude for all the flowers we can see daily
32. Gratitude for the beauty of all the trees
33. Gratitude for all the kind animals
34. Gratitude for all the masters that descended on Earth
35. Gratitude for getting a new life every day
36. Gratitude for the joy I can experience
37. Gratitude for all the people I could interview
38. Gratitude for the nature that I could film and photograph
39. Gratitude for the mineral kingdom
40. Gratitude for the plants that I have in my home
41. Gratitude for my spiritual life
42. Gratitude for my mother and father
43. Gratitude for the many books my master wrote
44. Gratitude for all the songs my master composed
45. Gratitude for all artworks that my master created
46. Gratitude for all creativity I experience daily
47. Gratitude for the fragrances of this world
48. Gratitude for the spiritual songs I learned by heart
49. Gratitude for the technique that allows me to preserve my creations
50. Gratitude for all moments I could capture in my life
51. Gratitude for the new energies that will be revealed soon
52. Gratitude for the mountains and their beauty
53. Gratitude for the springs that offer us fresh water
54. Gratitude for the birds that are singing
55. Gratitude for the vastness of the sea
56. Gratitude for all experiences I had in my life
57. Gratitude of experiencing the new age of Aquarius
58. Gratitude for the aspiration I have
59. Gratitude for learning more every day
60. Gratitude for the awareness of being one with God

“My own Gratitude-Heart is all that matters”  – Sri Chinmoy

Photograph by Mandu Trummer

50th volume of 77,000 Service-Trees published


“Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees” was the latest major poetry project, realized by spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007). More than one year after his Mahasamadhi the 50th volume was published and presented together with the whole book series at “Aspiration-Ground” in Queens, New York, where more than 1000 of his students met for a week long celebration of his coming to the West 45 years ago. The poems in this final volume were mostly written by Sri Chinmoy while he was visiting Malaysia in January and February 2007. The author embarked upon this marathon poetic odyssey on 24 January 1998 at 4:30 am, just three hours after completing his first big poetry series “Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspration-Plants”, which had taken him some 14 years to write. By contrast, he wrote the 50,000 poems of the “Service-Trees” series in just over 9 years – a truly remarkable achievement. Sri Chinmoy began his “Service-Treees” project while he was visiting Cancun, Mexico. He got an inner command to start this ambitious poetry although he knew from the first moment that he might not finish it. The 50th and last published volume opens with the poem: “My life is full of God-hopes and God-dreams” and closes with these words: “My heart’s gratitude-tears every day I place at the feet of my Lord Supreme”.

“Wings of Joy” now published in Korean

Sri Chinmoy’s book “Wings of Joy” is certainly one of the most popular ones, published in the US by Simon & Schuster, NY. In the meantime the Korean Publisher Solkwahak was inspired to make their own edition, and they did a beautiful job. The book is hardbound and each chapter is on a different colour paper with many illustrations. And what is most surprising for me, they took all photographs from my portfolio on the Sri Chinmoy Gallery page and even some black and white photos of me as a child on the opening page of the content. Thanks to Govinda, one of Sri Chinmoy’s early students, who is currently learning Korean, I got access to a copy of the book. See one sample page on the right side. The layout is beautiful and very asiatic. The book has 264 pages. ISBN-89-87794-86-5.  – Kedar Misani