Sri Chinmoy’s Concert in Berlin 2005

Highlights of the Berlin performance of Sri Chinmoy in 2005 as part of a European concert tour. Filmed in HD by kedarvideo.



The Dresden Concert 2005

Highlights of the Peace Concert by Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) in Dresden, Germany, in 2005 as part of a European Concert Tour. Filmed by kedarvideo.

85-year old at London 24-hour Race

8585-year-old Geoff Oliver set not one, but three new age-group records in the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 24-hour race (popularly known as the Tooting 24) in London, U.K. over the weekend, as buckets of rain poured down on the proceedings. Oliver appeared to be carrying an umbrella as he walked the track. Then he showed up for the the medal ceremony in a suit and tie. In fact, there were no previous records for 85+, so he knew that whatever he managed to do, he would set a record. Oliver covered more than 77 miles on foot in a 24-hour period at the Tooting Bec track in south London.

Oliver is a former ultrarunner from Hinkley, Leicestershire, who has taken part in numerous Sri Chinmoy 24-hour races over the years. Back in 2013 he set seven similar records for speed and distance in the over-80 category when he covered 152.3K. (However, his 100K split of 13:55:09 was a British, rather than a world, record.) He also set records at the same race when he was 75.


Haarlem Organ Performance 1988

In March 1988 Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) played on the famous pipe organ in the The St. Bravo Church (Grote Kerk) in Haarlem, Holland. This is Sri Chinmoy’s 32nd organ performance.

The St. Bravo Church has one of then world’s most historically important pipe organs. Construction of the church was begun in 1307, and its first pipe organ was installed in 1630 by Galtus and Germer van Hagerbeer. The present instrument was the world’s largest when Christian Muller of Amsterdam built it in 1738. This organ was considered the most complex man-made device known, and was already a tourist attraction when it was new. George Frederic Handel was charmed by its vox humana setting that imitated the human voice; Felix Mendelssohn played on it, and in 1766 the 10-year old Mozart created a stir when he performed on it. A local story tells that the organ’s thunderous sounds have loosened the church’s foundation stones. The organ was modified numerous times, most notably by Marcussen & Son in 1961, and despite its 275-year history, ninety percent of its 5,000 original pieces are still in use.

Video complied by kedarvideo, Switzerland.

Ashrita: Peace Run Logo with Tennis Balls

tenisbal2Ashrita Furman holder of the most Guinness Records at the same time (currently over 200) and a team of friends created the world’s largest tennis ball logo within 7 days. The ball composition shows the logo of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, the world’s longest and largest relay run for peace, and has a width of 10.08 metre and a height of 5.30 metre. The sixty-three-year-old health food store manager of New York set this Guinness World Record to honour the 87th birth anniversary of Sri Chinmoy an Indian spiritual master, founder of the Peace Run and an avid tennis player. The 53.42 square metre ball logo consists of 12,393 tennis balls in the colours white, blue, green, orange and red.


Sri Chinmoy’s javelin practise

Spiritual teacher and peace advocate Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) was also a prolific writer, poet, artist and a great sportsman. In his youth he had a lot of success in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry and later in the West he ran marathons, ultra distances, did biking and many other sports. Watch him practise the javelin on a meadow behind his tennis court in Jamaica, Queens. NY.