Sri Chinmoy’s artwork exhibited in Georgia


An abstract, inspirational artwork collection created by the Indian spiritual master Sri Chinmoy can be seen at the National Library of the Georgian Parliament in Tbilisi. A large lightened room full of Chinmoy’s mystical paintings and meditation music will be open until January 27. The idea of familiarizing Georgian people to Jharna-Kala belongs to Dimitri Saralidze. He fulfilled the desire by having Sri Chinmoy’s artwork brought to Georgia. He contributed to familiarizing the exhibition viewers with a man who demonstrated his endless fountain of imagination and unlimited possibilities. The sense of freedom in his paintings is created by his spontaneous way of drawing. Chinmoy used to follow his soul while having his thoughts and feelings expressed on paper. He started drawing with a simple rose that in later years transformed into different forms including birds. The artist explains the importance of his work on Soul Birds saying that: “For me, birds have a very special significance on a spiritual level. They fly in the sky, and the sky is all freedom. So when the birds fly in the sky, they remind me of the soul’s infinite freedom. The soul has come from Heaven. When we think of birds, we are also reminded of our Source, and this gives us enormous joy.” His wish had been the links of nature and human beauty to be found in one’s soul. Sri Chinmoy tried to perceive it through the things around him as he thought that aesthetics of discovering beauty is the art’s only function.


It is difficult indeed to say in which sphere Chinmoy was better. His creative work is not just limited to paintings. The spiritual master has left his name in literature too. His poems have been translated into more than 24 languages. The way of creating music also follows the ideological path for becoming free and discovering one’s spirit. He has written more than 18,000 songs and used to perform at Peace Concerts all over the world for free. He was able to play on 115 different musical instruments. In addition to being the founder of many meditation centers, he was also an active sportsman trying to break all human limits. A unique award created by him betokens lifting the world’s honored people on the platform by him including three Georgians: Zurab Tsereteli, Kakhi Kaladze and Shalva Amonashvili. (Source: The Messenger Online)

Jharna-Kala – the art of Sri Chinmoy

“Jharna-Kala” is the name Sri Chinmoy has chosen for his artwork. It is a Bengali expression and signifies art flowing from the source of creation, flowing from the inspiration the artist receives in his meditation. The paintings are spontaneous and uplifting. Their composition is the intuitive interplay of light and colour flowing across the canvas in both serene and exhilarating rhythms. Never have I met such paintings. They are definitely a new art form: 100 % from the heart, leaving the mind aside. Created in seconds and minutes, they represent the vastness of the spirit and show the beauty of the colours and shapes. I personally have a strong relationship with Sri Chinmoy’s art. The moment I encountered his paintings, I felt a strong attraction. I am therefore happy that I could build a little collection with original artworks, created with vivid acrylic colours. They are only a small segment of a huge body of work, consisting of 150’000 paintings and around 15 million bird drawings. Some pictures can be seen on, the ones from my own collection here. I also produced several slideshows and short documentary features that can be watched on Enjoy them!