My 108 DVD’s on Sri Chinmoy’s activities

dvd-sri-chinmoyI created 108 DVD’s on the various activties of Sri Chinmoy and his students. The first one goes back to the Seventies when a beautiful 16mm film featured a “Day in the Life of Sri Chinmoy”. The collection contains many concerts, meditations, films of Christmas Trips, Celebration festivities in the New York area, art exhibitions, weight-lifting and other sports events. Check out the whole list on a special blog called Sri Chinmoy on DVD, and click on the picture to see the display with more details. – Kedar Misani/kedarvideo

Sri Chinmoy plays 75 pianos in a row


On August 22, 2005 I could witness a special performance on the “Aspiration- Ground” in Queens, New York. Celebrating his 74th Birthday Sri Chinmoy played on 74 pianos in a row. The variety of pianos was ranging from simple to expensive concert pianos, from all possible brands and in various shapes and colours. Some students of him who professionally work with pianos, hired a couple of trucks to bring all the instruments to the former tennis court, where the maestro made his record performance. He first meditated and then started with piano no. 1. On each instruments he tried to bring out its soul by doing spontaneous improvisations or performing his own melodies. More than a thousand of his disciples attended this special concert and I had the chance to be very close to the action, taking videos of the whole event. We photographers and videographers tried to be very quiet not to disturb the master’s meditative play. As with his art exhibitions, the totality of the music pieces created a unique meadow of notes, never heard before. For those of you who are inspired by the 74 piano concert a DVD is available. You can also watch an online version here.