The Poster of the famous Cologne Concert

Today marks the 39th anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s big Peace Concert odyssey with a major performance at the Sporthalle in Cologne, Germany. Thousands of people came to this event from all over Europe and what is most important Sri Chinmoy himself considers this concert as his best and most favourite. I am happy that I still have an original poster of this concert which was entitled “Peace: God’s Beauty in His Oneness-Home” and above all it is signed by the master himself. I am also happy that RadioSriChinmoy just released a 52-minutes audio summary of this historical concert featuring performances on the flute, cello, esraj, harmonium (with singing) and his dedication to Germany.

First Flute Performance 32 years ago


On March 10th, 1976 Sri Chinmoy played for the first time on the Western Flute in a concert in Melbourne, Australia. This performance marked the beginning of a lasting relationship with this instrument. Over the years he played dozens of different flutes from all over the world, among them a golden coated bamboo flute and an electronically amplified echo flute. Not to forget his most popular CD “Flute Music for Meditation” that is also part of a package with the book “The Wings of Joy”, published by Simon & Schuster, New York.