“Wings of Joy” now published in Korean

Sri Chinmoy’s book “Wings of Joy” is certainly one of the most popular ones, published in the US by Simon & Schuster, NY. In the meantime the Korean Publisher Solkwahak was inspired to make their own edition, and they did a beautiful job. The book is hardbound and each chapter is on a different colour paper with many illustrations. And what is most surprising for me, they took all photographs from my portfolio on the Sri Chinmoy Gallery page and even some black and white photos of me as a child on the opening page of the content. Thanks to Govinda, one of Sri Chinmoy’s early students, who is currently learning Korean, I got access to a copy of the book. See one sample page on the right side. The layout is beautiful and very asiatic. The book has 264 pages. ISBN-89-87794-86-5.  – Kedar Misani