First Flute Performance 32 years ago


On March 10th, 1976 Sri Chinmoy played for the first time on the Western Flute in a concert in Melbourne, Australia. This performance marked the beginning of a lasting relationship with this instrument. Over the years he played dozens of different flutes from all over the world, among them a golden coated bamboo flute and an electronically amplified echo flute. Not to forget his most popular CD “Flute Music for Meditation” that is also part of a package with the book “The Wings of Joy”, published by Simon & Schuster, New York.

34th Esraj Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy

On Fesrichinmoy-esraj-meditation.jpgbruary 17 we can celebrate the 34th Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s esraj playing. It was on that date in 1974 that the spriritual master from Bengali origin, for the first time played on this popular Indian instrument. While Sri Chinmoy used hun- dreds of musical instrument of all sizes, origin and sound category he especially loved the esraj. After an opening meditation he usually started his concerts – and there were 777 in his lifespan – with this string instrument, which for him was more a mediative vehicle than a purely musical one. During playing he was in deep trance and offered his peace and light to the audience. This instrument has a very sweet, ethereal quality in its tone, and enables Sri Chinmoy to express his meditative music most powerfully and, at the same time, in a most sublime way. You can listen to an earlier Esraj Celebration concert on and watch a video of a performance on August 27, 2005 when Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 74th birthday in New York and more than 1000 visitors from around the world witnessed his esraj playing.

Sri Chinmoy’s largest Concert in Japan


In 1992 I could witness Sri Chinmoy’s largest concert in Japan, which took place in the famous Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo. When there was a concert of Sri Chinmoy I usually went very early to the concert place because I wanted to have time to prepare my video equipment and find a nice angle to view the concert. When I came the vicinity of the hall I recognized that masses of people were aproaching the hall in the early afternoon. So, I thought there might be football much or something big happening before. But then I realized that these were all seekers coming for the big meditation concert in the evening, that was announced with many posters. It was amazing to see how patiently the masses of people waited in a one proper line, reading a paper or a book – all waiting to get a free ticket at the entrance. Finally 10’000 people came and the hall was packed when Sri Chinmoy appeared on the huge stage, decorated with simple structured panels. For the piano performance the organizer had prepared a laser show which perfectly fit the modern tunes of the master’s improvisations. At the end Sri Chinmoy invited all his Japanese students to perform a song on stage which he especially composed for Japan. The Japanese concert was for certainly a highlight of the 777 concerts he gave over his lifespan worldwide.

170 Instruments Concert in Interlaken

On September 11, 2005, Sri Chinmoy came to Switzerland to play the largest number of musical instruments in one single concert. He chose the Swiss mountain village of Interlaken for his record concert. I was lucky enough to be there and also recorded the event on video which I produced in DVD form. The picture shows him with a gigantic drum, the 170th instrument!