The Divine Smile

The photographs in this slideshow do not only show Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) in a meditative state, they also let us remember that the master’s smile always was part of his life. When he met disciples, when he gave out prasad (sanctified food) and when he met with world-famous figures from all walks of life. It is this smile which attracted seekers everywhere, it is this smile that was shining from concert and workshop posters, and it is this smile that was being spread when he appeared on a TV show. You could not approach him with your mind because immediately after meeting him you felt his sweetest heart-power. And this is the strength of a true spiritual master. Sri Chinmoy used words only if necessary, like in an interview, a conversation or a talk. But much stronger was his meditation and closely connected his divine smile, that will be with us for eternity.

I went through thousands of photographs of Sri Chinmoy from many of his most active photographers and compiled this slideshow, surrounded by his own flute music. Enjoy and keep these smiles in your heart! Length: 12:50 min / Edited by Kedar Misani.

On the meaning of Prasad

Moments I treasured during the physical presence of my master was the ancient spiritual tradition of receiving “Prasad” from the master. After each meditation Sri Chinmoy offered his students a sanctified piece of fruit or a candy that he blessed before and gave us as a token of oneness. Asked about the meaning of Prasad Sri Chinmoy answers in one of his books: “Sometimes seekers want to get some tangible thing or some tangible reality from the Master. On the inner plane they have felt their soul or grown into some reality. Inner food they have got while meditating with me, but it is not enough. They also feel the need of outer food. They want something on the outer plane which will convince their physical minds. They feel that the outer offering also has conscious power. So I give them blessingful prasad, sanctified food, which has been blessed by my inner Pilot, who is everybody’s Inner Pilot. Outer nourishment they get when they come into physical contact with me. So, when they get both inner and outer nourishment, their satisfaction is complete.” I took this photo during one of my first meetings with Sri Chinmoy. To receive Prasad from a master are moments you will never forget and even now when we as his disciples gather together for our meetings and meditations, we practice this habit of sharing a piece of food in remembrance of the master’s spirit and love.
The photo was taken in May 1981 in Oxford by Kedar Misani