The spiritual meaning of colours – Part 51: VASTNESS & SPIRITUALITY


Colours are essential for our life. As an artist himself Sri Chinmoy loved colours but he also had a feeling for which qualities come from particular colours. In 1974 the first edition of his book “Colour Kingdom” was published, presenting 52 different shades of colours together with the quality and one poem about the subject. In the next couple of weeks we will present you this series and today we continue with VASTNESS & SPIRITUALITY. Feel free to make the color larger (by clicking on it). A video summary of all  52 colours and their meaning (Length: 44:49 min) can be found here:

“Our heart is Infinity’s Vastness.
Our soul is Eternity’s Oneness”

New statue of Sri Chinmoy in Mazatlan, Mexico

A life-sized bronze statue of World Harmony Run founder Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) depicted holding a World Harmony Run torch was inaugurated in a colourful ceremony on the evening of November 26, 2009 in Mazatlan, Mexico. The statue is on the edge of the Pacific Ocean ringed by palm trees located adjacent to a busy coastal plaza featuring other statues and lookouts over the ocean. Eventually its environs will be further landscaped with benches and additional information about the late spiritual leader’s contributions in various fields. Other statues by the same sculptor, British artist Kaivalya Torpy, are located in Norway, Bali and the Czech Republic. The statue unveiled in Mazatlan is the first in the Americas and the first ever of the spiritual leader holding a torch.

The Mayor was in attendance to unveil the statue and he was presented with the Harmony Run Torch Bearer Award during the ceremony. Students of Sri Chinmoy representing various countries attended the event. The Mazatlan Fire Department band and gymnastics team performed a stirring drum and trumpet performance and ascended heavenward with gravity defying human pyramid formations. The World Harmony Run torch was held aloft from atop one such human pyramids. Related activities continued the following day with visits by the World Harmony Run to three elementary schools culminating in the school children running the torch to the foot of the statue where they were greeted by the Secretary of the Mayor. A World Harmony Run ceremony including school children also visited a large Mazatlan shopping mall where Sri Chinmoy’s Jharna-Kala artwork was on exhibit inside the mall.  The local daily newspaper Noroeste featured an article about the statue dedication on November 28th and a second article about the World Harmony Run festivities on the sports page in the same day’s paper. – Text and Photos by Sharani Robins

Feeling as a 20 year old boy

For me, as the years advance sailing on life’s river seems to have become ever more smooth. I don’t think it has anything to do with me really. I just can’t escape the notion that we’ve passed through some dark times in recent years and that an inevitable new dawn is seeping through the veneer of everyday life. That’s just my take on it. Starting out as a spiritual seeker was quite a trying time. The changes I went through in that initial stage were often sudden and rapid. The people around me hardly had time to adjust, but I had become a different person practically overnight. Or had I? There is a famous Zen saying that says that before you study Zen mountains are mountains and oceans are oceans, while studying Zen you realize that mountains are not mountains and oceans are not oceans, but when you complete the study (attaining enlightenment) mountains are mountains again and oceans are oceans. – I find that very beautiful. We change, but at the same time we remain the same. My values, my view of the world and my role in it, that all changed when I accepted the spiritual life. But I’ve never felt that the real me, that core truth in me which I carry with me since my birth, has ever changed. Like Nayak writes in his post on the “Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group” on Yahoo, I also still feel the same twenty year old boy when I look in the mirror. (Although for me the memory perhaps is fresher.)

Studying acting didn’t really make things much easier. The theatre is a world that also plays with consciousness, but it’s not necessarily the same game I was learning at the time. In a miniature version of that Zen koan I also had to realize that the world I lived in, in the end, was still my world. But there was definitely a period when my inner and outer lives clashed and I was caught in the midst of the collision. That lasted perhaps a few months. Then the two pictures overlapped again as I finally got things sorted out within.

Social acceptance has never really been a problem. Like  Tejvan from England I have mainly experienced sincere interest and respect. I did go through the short, frantic phase where you wonder why everyone else cannot see that beautiful light even when you’re repeatedly telling them about it, but fortunately I quickly mended my ways and learned to be quiet when I had to. Still people came with questions, but by then I had learned to differentiate between mere curiosity or politeness and sincere interest. When the latter was in play, speaking about my inner life became a revelation, a blessing and a joy. In the acting school some of my classmates were quite interested and we had a few spiritual conversations that I still remember with fondness. To the others I was perhaps a bit different, and there were times when the opposites were sharply emphasized, but underneath I always felt loved for who I was. Mountains became mountains again.

It’s fun being a little different sometimes. Not in a vainglorious way, but because it can create valuable moments. This past weekend I went on a training weekend with people from my running club and we spent two days together in a hotel. In between training, eating and sleeping (and for me, meditating) there was ample time to talk and play games. Although I still go by my old name there, they also know that I have a spiritual name. While playing a board game in the evening some athletes asked me about the name, what it meant and why I have it. I said the name represents my soul’s quality. As soon as I mentioned the word ‘soul’ a person sitting across the table from me grew wide-eyed and said ‘Oh, I feel a lot of questions coming. Can I ask you some other time?’ And I felt that little ant Nayak spoke about in his post, the stirrings of the soul. The moment passed again and although it was short it was somehow very precious. A little awakening occurred. I love these little miracles. They make all the temporary challenges worth facing. – Abhinabha

60 x Gratitude

kedar-3aTo celebrate my 60th birthday I would like to offer 60 personal gratitude-prayers:

1. Gratitude for being on this lovely Earth
2. Gratitude for having the opportunity to realize God
3. Gratitude for 60 years of life in this incarnation
4. Gratitude for meeting my master 30 years ago
5. Gratitude for getting a second life after my accident in Sabah
6. Gratitude to have a healthy body
7. Gratitude for living in beautiful Switzerland
8. Gratitude for all the beautiful nature on this planet
9. Gratitude for having a lovely and soulful wife
10. Gratitude for having all I need for my living
11. Gratitude for working in a divine enterprise
12. Gratitude for having a meditation Centre in our town
13. Gratitude for our powerful sun that gives us energy every day
14. Gratitude for having produced 108 DVD’s on the live of my master
15. Gratitude for my daily meditations
16. Gratitude for the fruits of our garden
17. Gratitude for the air we can breath every day
18. Gratitude for having met my master numerous times personally
19. Gratitude for all that I can manifest daily
20. Gratitude for all the countries I could travel
21. Gratitude for our nice apartment
22. Gratitude for not having material problems
23. Gratitude for having met so many beautiful people
24. Gratitude for Mother Earth
25. Gratitude for Father Heaven
26. Gratitude for God who is guiding us all
27. Gratitude for all the colors that surround us
28. Gratitude for peace
29. Gratitude for being happy
30. Gratitude for our universe in which we live

31. Gratitude for all the flowers we can see daily
32. Gratitude for the beauty of all the trees
33. Gratitude for all the kind animals
34. Gratitude for all the masters that descended on Earth
35. Gratitude for getting a new life every day
36. Gratitude for the joy I can experience
37. Gratitude for all the people I could interview
38. Gratitude for the nature that I could film and photograph
39. Gratitude for the mineral kingdom
40. Gratitude for the plants that I have in my home
41. Gratitude for my spiritual life
42. Gratitude for my mother and father
43. Gratitude for the many books my master wrote
44. Gratitude for all the songs my master composed
45. Gratitude for all artworks that my master created
46. Gratitude for all creativity I experience daily
47. Gratitude for the fragrances of this world
48. Gratitude for the spiritual songs I learned by heart
49. Gratitude for the technique that allows me to preserve my creations
50. Gratitude for all moments I could capture in my life
51. Gratitude for the new energies that will be revealed soon
52. Gratitude for the mountains and their beauty
53. Gratitude for the springs that offer us fresh water
54. Gratitude for the birds that are singing
55. Gratitude for the vastness of the sea
56. Gratitude for all experiences I had in my life
57. Gratitude of experiencing the new age of Aquarius
58. Gratitude for the aspiration I have
59. Gratitude for learning more every day
60. Gratitude for the awareness of being one with God

“My own Gratitude-Heart is all that matters”  – Sri Chinmoy

Photograph by Mandu Trummer

1st Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s Mahasamadhi

This Saturday, October 11, it is one year since a great spiritual master left us, at least on the physical plane. On the subtle plane Sri Chinmoy is more present than ever. Through his many thousand students world-wide he continues to nourish us and all aspiring souls of the world with his infinite peace and poise. Many things changed since his passing and our life is not the same anymore. We changed and all our activities seem to be different. We cannot contact the master outwardly anymore and ask him questions that occupy us. We have to find our own solutions. But we are also riper, grown-up. We manifest his light as good as we can and are loking forward to reach our soul’s goals in this lifetime. We play a divine play and the better we do it, the more rewarded we will be in our next incarnations. So with these thoughts I will approach October 11, which by the way is also my birthday at the same time. So joy and sorrow are tied together and hopefully divine happiness will result as the final goal. This picture is part of a series of Sri Chinmoy in his early years in the West when he started to establish his spiritual centres in the U.S. Some of these  photos are published regularly in the photo blog srichinmoyphotos – Kedar Misani

What is Spirituality?

“Spirituality is man’s boundless freedom in his life-boat: the freedom of his life-journey, the freedom from his life-pangs and the freedom beyond his life-achievements. In spirituality is man’s farthest Vision. In spirituality is man’s nearest reality. God has Compassion. Man has aspiration. Spirituality is the consciousness-light that unites man’s aspiration and God’s Compassion. Spirituality tells man that he is God veiled and that God is man revealed. Spirituality is not an escape from the world of reality. Spirituality tells us what the true reality is and how we can discover it here on earth. Spirituality is not the denial of life, but the purest acceptance of life. Life is to be accepted unreservedly. Life is to be realised soulfully. Life is to be transformed totally. Life is to be lived eternally.

Spirituality is not the song of ignorance. It is the mother of concentration, meditation and realisation. Concentration takes me dynamically to God. Meditation silently brings God to me. Realisation neither takes me to God nor brings God to me. Realisation reveals to me that God is the Bluebird of Infinity’s Reality and I am the Golden Wings of Divinity’s Truth.

Spirituality has taught me the difference between my speech and my silence, between my mind and my heart. In speech I try to become. In silence I am. When I open my mouth, God closes my heart. When I close my mouth, God opens my heart. My mind says, “God needs me.” My heart says, “I need God.” My mind wants to possess God’s Creation while negating it. My heart wants to embrace God’s Creation while serving it. My mind says it does not know whether it thinks of God or of itself. At times my mind feels that since it does not think of God, neither does God think of it. My heart sees and feels that God thinks of it even if it does not care to think of God. Spirituality has told me secretly what my supreme necessity is and how I can have it. What is my supreme necessity? God’s Blessing. How can I have it? By simply borrowing it from God’s Bank. How can I pay off my debt? Easily! Just by borrowing once again from God’s Bank. But I must borrow wisdom and nothing else. Wisdom possessed, debt nullified. Verily, this wisdom is the breath of spirituality. I am God’s experiment. He has given me my name: Science. I am God’s experience. He has given me my name: Spirituality. I am God’s Realisation. He has given me my name: Oneness – Oneness within, Oneness without.”

God is my Reality.
Heaven is my Immortality.
Earth is my Divinity.
On earth I grow.
With heaven I become.
In God I am.

-Sri Chinmoy

(University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica, January 10, 1968)