30 years ago: Sri Chinmoy’s big Concert in Zurich

On March 31, 1985, ecxactly 30 years ago,  spiritual master Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) gave his first big concert in the Zurich Hallenstadion, a prestigious hall, where normally large sports events, musicals or pop concerts take place. Sri Chinmoy transformed the hall into a vessel of spiritual manifestation. About 6000 seekers from all over Europe attended the performance that was divided into three parts an lasted for more than three hours. The motto: “Humanity’s Perfection-Dance in God’s Heart-Garden”. Sri Chinmoy often meditated between the different instruments. Enjoy this historical recording. Length: 2:07 h. It is also available as a DVD. All together more than 100 DVD’s on Sri Chinmoy’s life are available from kedarvideo, see: srichinmoydvd.wordpress.com. And these were the original tickets:

To commemorate this event, the Zurich disciples of Sri Chinmoy organize a special concert in a Zurich church tonight playing and singing the music of Sri Chinmoy.

Selected Flower-Flames Poems by Sri Chinmoy


After completing the 10,000 Flower Flames poem series, Sri Chinmoy selected 207 poems. In the introduction he wrote: “I have selected 207 poems out of 10,000 from my series, Ten Thousand Flower Flames, which was originally published in 100 volumes. Here the poet in me is soulfully satisfied, the reader in me is smilingly satisfied and the critic in me is surprisingly satisfied.” These are the first 20 poems; the whole collection is online here:

1. You Have Discovered

My Lord,
I came to You with empty hands,
But you have discovered
My empty heart, too.

2. I Came From God

I came from God
The Eternal Dreamer.
I am heading towards God
The Immortal Lover.

3. Your Happiness-Gift

Of all the gifts
You have offered to God,
Your happiness-gift
He treasures most.

4. The Mind Wants to Invent

The mind wants to invent
A new God.
The heart wants to discover
The ancient and eternal God.

5. Please Warn Me

My Lord,
Please warn me before You come.
Otherwise, You may come unrecognised
And go back unloved.

6. My Heart Says to My Mind

My mind says to my heart:
“Will you please praise God for me?”
My heart says to my mind:
“Will you please pray to God
To bless me?”

 7. The Fare

What is the fare
From earth to Heaven?
The fragrance-beauty
Of a gratitude-heart.

8. Every Time I Run Away From You

Every time I run away from You
And come back,
I see Your Eyes
More illumining than before.
And I feel Your Heart
More forgiving than before.

9. The Lord Of My Thoughts

My Lord, I am happy
Because You are the Lord of my life.
Can You not make me perfect
By becoming the Lord of my thoughts?

10. Two Miracles

The miracle of my sound-life:
It can chase God.
The miracle of my silence-life:
It can embrace God.

11. Two Secret Wishes

Are my Secret wishes:
I shall show God
Man’s transformation-head.
I shall show man
God’s Compassion-Feet

12. Not Beyond Possibility

Not beyond man’s possibility
Is God-realisation.
Not beyond earth’s possibility
Is earth-transformation.
Not beyond my possibility
Is self-transcendence

13. I Do Not Interfere

I do not interfere in God’s Affairs.
Every day I let Him
Create a new world.
God does not interfere in my affairs
Every day He lets me
Destroy an old world.

14. A New Prayer

Your old prayer may not change God.
But God can grant you
A new prayer,
And this prayer
Will make you really happy.
What is your new prayer?
In God’s own Way.

15. To Frighten and Enlighten

To frighten the animal in me
My God is all Justice.

To enlighten the human in me
My God is all Compassion

16. God’s Lion-Power

I desired to be
God’s Lion-Power.

I desire to be
God’s Deer-Speed.

I shall desire to be
God’s Lamb-Fondness

17. What You Did

God wanted you
To go to Him untouched.
But what you did,
You know!
You went to God unchanged!

18. Are You Tired, O Lord?

Are You, O Lord,
Tired of being good?
It seems You are.

Are You, O Lord,
Tired of being divine?
It seems You are.

Are You, O Lord,
Tired of being perfect?
It seems You are.

O my Lord Supreme,
Then do bless me
With your Goodness-Heart,
Divinity Life and Perfection-Role.

19. Two Observers

God watched me
From the sky
With His unchanging Compassion.
I watched God from the ground
With my increasing hesitation.

20. The Boon

Scold me, my Lord, untiringly.
Insult me, my Lord, unreservedly.
But, my Lord, do not forget Your Boon.
You told me millions of years ago
That You would grant me the capacity
To love You sleeplessly;
Something more, unconditionally.

Huge Bronze Statue of Sri Chinmoy planned in Iceland

Students of Sri Chinmoy focuse their attention on a plot of land at Mt.Esja (near Reykjavik) for a gigantic 13 meter high bronze statue of their master . Another piece of land at Mógilsá is still under consideration and also one in Mosfellsbær.  The environment around the statue will be transformed into a garden by planting trees and building ponds. “This is symbolic for men who search for peace,” said Martin Arnar Marteinsson from the Icelelandic Sri Chinmoy Center. Last November Fréttablaðið reported from a statue project that was then applied to set up in the forestry land at Lundur by Mógilsá . The statue will be dedicated to peace and is designed by English sculpturer Kaivaliya Torpy. Mr. Thorpy has made many man-size bronze statues of Chinmoy around the world. But the statue in Iceland would be by far the largest of the world-famous Indian Guru and Weight-Lifter who passed away in 2007. Marteinn  Arnar says the plot at Esjuberg is being examined along with a plot in Mosfellsbær.  We are still looking for the ideal location. “The Sri Chinmoy group has been working for harmony and goodwill among nations and people for many decades. There are thousands of places that have been dedicated to peace around the world including cities, towns and monuments, ” said Martin. The statue of Sri Chinmoy is also supposed to be a symbol of spreading goodwill into the community. ‘‘This will be an oasis in the desert of everyday stress. People can enjoy peace in the parc.” The Reykjavík planning authority has referred the application for the statue of Esjuberg for consultation with the local muncipality at Kjalarnes.

Translation from: Fréttablaðið


Peace Run 2014 in Philadelphia – live on Fox29 TV

The “Oneness-Home Peace Run”, founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1987, is traveling again through all states of the US, bringing the Peace Torch to millions of people. On April 20, 2014, the “Good Day” show by Fox 29 made a live broadcast from one of the visited high schools in Philadelphia and interviewed two members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

The world’s largest Olympic Torch lit in Queens, NY

grösste-Fackel-1aThe world’s largest torch, a giant 25-foot tall Olympic torch replica, was unveiled in New York City by Akio Haruhara, torch designer for the Nagano 1998 Winter Olympics, and Ashrita Furman, 59-year-old health food store manager who holds 182 current Guinness World Records. Stunned by the sheer size of the lit torch, Furman said that the new record is dedicated to his teacher, peace visionary Sri Chinmoy, whose “50th anniversary of starting all our sports and cultural activities including the Peace Run we are celebrating today”. Haruhara, who flew with the original torch from Japan exclaimed, “Today is one of the happiest days of my life!” The flaming torch has a height of 20 feet (6 meter) and a base of 5 feet (1.5 meter) – a total height of 25 feet (7.5 meter). The mega torch is a 11 times bigger replica of the Olympic torch used in the 1998 Winter Olympic games to carry the flame from Athens to Nagano in Japan and weighs 1200 kg. Ashrita and a team of 20 friends constructed the torch of aluminium and steel over the last 3 weeks. Ashrita Furman is the holder of 182 current Guinness World Records, including the official record for “the most records held at the same time by an individual”. The oversized torch ensures him a new entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run was launched April 10th at the United Nations with 50 Ambassadors and diplomats and over 300 international runners. On that day, the ambassadors and runners also set a new Guinness Record for reciting a poem on peace by Sri Chinmoy in 206 languages. The  torch relay, which has involved millions of young people worldwide, was founded by Sri Chinmoy in 1987. As an athlete, philosopher, artist, musician and poet, he dedicated his life to advancing the ideals of friendship and oneness. Since its inception, the Run has visited more than 140 countries, passing the Torch and sharing a message of harmony and friendship. (Photo by Bijoy Imholz)

Sri Chinmoy’s artwork exhibited in Georgia


An abstract, inspirational artwork collection created by the Indian spiritual master Sri Chinmoy can be seen at the National Library of the Georgian Parliament in Tbilisi. A large lightened room full of Chinmoy’s mystical paintings and meditation music will be open until January 27. The idea of familiarizing Georgian people to Jharna-Kala belongs to Dimitri Saralidze. He fulfilled the desire by having Sri Chinmoy’s artwork brought to Georgia. He contributed to familiarizing the exhibition viewers with a man who demonstrated his endless fountain of imagination and unlimited possibilities. The sense of freedom in his paintings is created by his spontaneous way of drawing. Chinmoy used to follow his soul while having his thoughts and feelings expressed on paper. He started drawing with a simple rose that in later years transformed into different forms including birds. The artist explains the importance of his work on Soul Birds saying that: “For me, birds have a very special significance on a spiritual level. They fly in the sky, and the sky is all freedom. So when the birds fly in the sky, they remind me of the soul’s infinite freedom. The soul has come from Heaven. When we think of birds, we are also reminded of our Source, and this gives us enormous joy.” His wish had been the links of nature and human beauty to be found in one’s soul. Sri Chinmoy tried to perceive it through the things around him as he thought that aesthetics of discovering beauty is the art’s only function.


It is difficult indeed to say in which sphere Chinmoy was better. His creative work is not just limited to paintings. The spiritual master has left his name in literature too. His poems have been translated into more than 24 languages. The way of creating music also follows the ideological path for becoming free and discovering one’s spirit. He has written more than 18,000 songs and used to perform at Peace Concerts all over the world for free. He was able to play on 115 different musical instruments. In addition to being the founder of many meditation centers, he was also an active sportsman trying to break all human limits. A unique award created by him betokens lifting the world’s honored people on the platform by him including three Georgians: Zurab Tsereteli, Kakhi Kaladze and Shalva Amonashvili. (Source: The Messenger Online)

Christmas Trip to Portugal


Every year, the disciples of Sri Chinmoy travel to various destinations over Christmas and the New Year. This year the journey started in Portugal. Abhinabha reports:

The Trip started with a manifestation bang, as a statue of Sri Chinmoy was being inaugurated on 23 December – a full day into the Trip – in the picturesque coastal town of Figueira da Foz. The Portuguese statue dedication has likely been one of the quickest ones to organize, as a single phone call to an extremely receptive city council and mayor proved to be enough to get the green light. The mayor himself was present to unveil the statue, as two teams of disciple runners of our Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team – joined by school children and runners from the police and fire departments – convened at a prime location near the ocean to kick off the ceremony. The mayor turned out to be the most humble and receptive person you’d ever want to meet. Neither costs nor efforts on the part of the city council were spared to give the statue a proper home – the city even paid for the transport and the marble foundation underneath the statue. The powerful burst of rain that descended as the ceremony began couldn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.

You would think a lightning start like that would be hard to follow through, but not so. From the very start of the Trip the functions, both mornings and evenings, were so filled with soulfulness, peace, joy and happiness, theyabhinabha2 burst at their very seams. It was actually hard to secure a spot on the program, as almost everybody was eager to contribute their unique talents to the functions. Especially on the play front there was no dearth of inspiration. Three plays a night was a common occurrence and we even had nights of six and seven plays to watch. The old Christmas Trip glory days with the master in the physical seemed to have returned in full measure. I heard several people saying they thought this was the best trip since Sri Chinmoy’s passing. Sometimes I felt like pinching myself to check if I was not really dreaming.

The stunning location of Albufeira played no small part in these lofty appraisals. Our five-star hotel – one of the only two special Luxury hotels in the worldwide Sheraton family – catered to all our needs, both inner and outer. If the food was excellent, the scenery was even better. High orange tinged cliffs towered above the gently rolling Mediterranean Sea to evoke the most unbelievable colours, especially at dawn and dusk. The hotel gardens were a lush ever-green paradise of pine and palmetto trees, framing the wonderful whitewashed architecture of the hotel itself. It proved an excellent backdrop for many physical adventures, such as the weekly one- and two-mile races, but also a genuine treasure hunt with riddles, games and other challenges (like standing on one leg with your eyes closed for three minutes). Joyful competitions were the middle name of this Christmas Trip. The treasure-hunt was followed by a New Year’s Eve games extravaganza, organised by ‘masters of mirth’ Devashishu and Sahadeva from Great Britain, which a day later was succeeded by an evening long quiz on Sri Chinmoy’s life and activities, staged by Projjwal and Aruna from Augsburg. Then a day later a fun and challenging one-mile obstacle course was held on the beach, organized by Suchitra.

As I write this, I can’t believe that this is already the last day of the Trip. Tomorrow we all pack our bags and most of us will return to their ‘normal’ lives. Yet it is a great comfort to know that that life is forever enriched by the memories, joy, happiness and sheer delight of these past two weeks in Portugal. (Source: Kettledrum)

The first Organ Improvisation of Sri Chinmoy

On May 26, 1987, spiritual master and peace advocate Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) opened a new musical chapter with his first pipe organ performance in a church in the centre of Zurich, Switzerland. It was one day before he gave his first big 7-hour concert in the Swiss mountain village of Davos. Sri Chinmoy does not play the pipe organ as you would expect. He creates spontaneous and powerful improvisations seemingly connected to another world. He does not prepare any written music nor did he study at a music school. His approach is purely from his heart; you would say these are expressions of his feelings. The result is unforgettable and it was the first of many more improvisations on famous and less famous pipe organs in churches and music halls all over the world that followed.

The performance in Zurich was one the longest ever. It lasted for 38 min. and was later titled by Sri Chinmoy as “The Summit-Song of Self-Transcendence”. Although there was a problem with the recording and we could not capture the whole performance visually you can enjoy the full length of the audio and the middle part of around 17 min also with video.