My 108 DVD’s on Sri Chinmoy’s activities

dvd-sri-chinmoyI created 108 DVD’s on the various activties of Sri Chinmoy and his students. The first one goes back to the Seventies when a beautiful 16mm film featured a “Day in the Life of Sri Chinmoy”. The collection contains many concerts, meditations, films of Christmas Trips, Celebration festivities in the New York area, art exhibitions, weight-lifting and other sports events. Check out the whole list on a special blog called Sri Chinmoy on DVD, and click on the picture to see the display with more details. – Kedar Misani/kedarvideo

Inspiration from early film footage

I recently saw an early 16mm film of Sri Chinmoy, produced around 1975. It started with art. Sri Chinmoy is doing Jharna-Kala painting records and shows his work for the first time in public. One of the achievements was the creation of a big canvas, several meters long. Another chapter shows him in Samadhi in his home, a kind of highest meditation rarely seen in this form. But the film also shows Sri Chinmoy driving himself to the UN where he conducted twice weekly meditations for the staff. One film section is especially cute: you see him taking breakfast and he expresses his love for cucumbers. The last part shows him walking to a meditation on a meadow and then demonstrating several divine qualities and meditation techniques. Moving pictures from Sri Chinmoy are always precious because they bring his life essence back – you forget that he is already in the other world.