Peace-Run & Peace-Trees in 7 Bulgarian Schools


On Thursday and Friday Bulgariuan disciples set off to visit 7 schools and planted 7 trees for the 35th anniversary of the Peace Run. Everywhere they went they were warmly welcomed by the headmaster of the school and the children. Everyone helped to plant the tree in their school yard. The happy faces and deep words of gratitude for our peace spreading mission made this event a real celebration of harmony and oneness. This project that began as a dream turned into a reality. In one of the schools we gave an interview for the main national TV:



Peace-Run unites

uK-Ru-Peace-run-2022The US section of the International Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace-Run started yesterday in New York. Before the start a Russian and an Ukrainian member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team hold the Peace Torch together.

Pramodan’s unique performance in Cologne

Enjoy this Indian classical music debut concert performed by German Sri Chinmoy Centre member Pramodan Gmeiner on sarangi, with Debasish Bhattacharjee on tabla. The performance is based on a composition which was kindly provided by Ustad Kamal Sabri, who has taught Pramodan since they first met in 2017. The different chapters refer to different parts. The first chapter is Alap, which is a slow improvisation to introduce all the notes of the particular Raga and set its mood (“Raag” or Raga is the Indian term for a melodic framework for improvisation and composition). Performed in front of a live audience at Anubhab Musikakademie in Cologne, Germany, on October 31, 2021.

Peace Week in Puerto (Southern Mexico)


The Peace Week, organized by Pranava in Puerto Escondido (Southern Mexico) started with a radio interview at the FM La voz 93.3 station (see photo above), followed by a first lecture yesterday (see photo below). Todor and Sopan (Bulgaria) as well as Lohita and Nishachari from Mazatlan Center are joining Pranava. Also planned is the screening of Sanjay’s film “3100: Run and Become”.