Sri Chinmoy on April 13th, 1999

Sri Chinmoy celebrated the 35th Anniversary of arriving in the West with a long meditation on the “Aspiration-Ground” in Jamaica, Queens, NY, accompanied by the “Bhajan Singers”. Later in the evening he opened the programme with chanting “Supreme”, followed by various performances such as a spiritual dance and music by Narada and Premik. Narada also praised the master for his many activities establishing peace on a worldwide scale. Filmed by kedarvideo.

A message by Sri Chinmoy

Although this message originally was written by Sri Chinmoy for the year 2000, it is still very valid today:

The Absolute Lord Supreme
Tells the confusion-mind of the world:
   “Take My Sadness-Heart and Madness-Eye
As the last and urgent Warning.
   Come back Home immediately!”

   The Beloved Lord Supreme
Tells the aspiration-heart of the world:
   “In you is
My World-Transformation-Hope-Dream,
   With you is
My Self-Transcendence-Vision-Manifestation-Promise
   And for you is
My Smile-Beauty-Fragrance-Presence.”

   The Year Two Thousand
Is a decision-examination for humanity:
We bind and blind the old world, and retire
We embrace the new world of the forward march.
   The Smile of the Beyond
   Is beckoning us
   To come and play hide-and-seek.

– Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy on April 13th 1997

A nicely decorated “Aspiration-Ground” in Jamaica, Queens, NY, was the background for the 33rd anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s arrival in the West, where he meditated to the tunes of the “Bhajan Singers” and individually gave a nice prasad to the disciples, that came from all over the world. Later in the evening he performed on instruments like the esraj, the harmonium, the flute and the synthesizer. Filmed by kedarvideo.

Sri Chinmoy on April 13th 1995

A walking meditation by Sri Chinmoy inaugurates the festivities of April 13th 1995, the 31st anniversary of his arrival in the West. In the main evening function he offers performances on various instruments as well as recitations from his newest book, that was later available for his disciples. Filmed by kedarvideo.

36 years ago: The Hallenstadion Concert Zurich

On March 31, 1985 spiritual master Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) gave his first big concert in the Zurich Hallenstadion, a prestigious hall, where normally large sports events, musicals or pop concerts take place. Sri Chinmoy transformed the hall into a vessel of spiritual manifestation. About 6000 seekers from all over Europe attended the performance that was divided into three parts an lasted for more than three hours. Sri Chinmoy often meditated between the different instruments. Enjoy this historical recording. Length: 2:07 h.