Nirmala (1950-2020)


Nirmala passed away this evening after she had a severe stroke last Sunday – two weeks before her 70th birthday. Due to her weak heart she could not recover from the operation. The picture shows her together with Sri Chinmoy at the 2nd Impossibility Challenger in Zurich, October 1983.

The Budokan Concert in Tokyo 1992

This is a recording of a historical performance of spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy at the famous Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo on March 10, 1992. Meditation and music were in the focus of the concert that had an audience of 12,000 people, many of them patiently waited for hours outside the hall to get a free ticket. Enjoy this video and share it with your friends. Filmed by kedarvideo, Switzerland.

New interview with Ashrita Furman

Dipika Smith, Co-Owner of the English Running Store Run and Become, chats with Guinness World Record legend Ashrita Furman. Ashrita has set more than 700 official Guinness Records since 1979 and currently holds more than 200 standing records – including the official record for the most records held at the same time by an individual. Learn the secrets of his motivation and success. Ashrita has visited “Run and Become” on several occasions for inspirational talks, and he has also broken records in their London shop. For the latest instalment on Ashrita’s non-stop record breaking journey they interviewed him at his home in New York. Ashrita will share what inspires him, his current training regime for upcoming records and how he stays motivated and positive in these challenging times. His overflowing energy and determined spirit are infectious! You will be inspired to challenge yourself and achieve your dreams after 30 minutes with Ashrita!

New Jharna-Kala exhibition planned for Europe


For Sri Chinmoy the manifestation of his light through his artwork was a big wish. The pictures should be shown to an audience as wide as possible. Therefore Kedar from Zurich has started with a series of museum quality reproductions of his own collection that might be available for exhibitions throughout Europe. It is also planned that one set will be given to a major contemporary museum to be selected. If you are interested in a display of an art exhibition of around 30-40 pictures please let him know. Also planned is a catalogue to accompany the show.

On the 3100-mile Race event in Salzburg

This year the Sri Chinmoy 3100 Mile Race takes place in Salzburg, Austria between September 13th and November 3rd. Since the origin of this epic challenge, the race has always been held in New York during the summer months. Due to the covid restrictions this year the race was cancelled. At the very last minute a miracle took place and the permission was given to hold the race in Salzburg, Austria. In this video we will give a brief outline of the race with Niko Drekonja, a race helper, and he will be interviewing the winner who should be crossed the finish line on 26th October. This is the ultra race of ultra races! It is simply awe-inspiring to see what these athletes are able to achieve. Learn why they do it and how they do it! – Devasishu

Andrea Marcato wins Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race 2020 Salzburg


Andrea Marcato, 38, from Italy won the pandemic version of the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, that was held in Salzburg, Austria. The athletic, who currently lives in Zurich, became the fastest first-time runner to finish the longest multi-day race on the calendar, completing 3100 miles in 43 days+12:07:26 yesterday evening. He averaged 114.480 km/ 71.268 miles per day. Out of the 49 people in the world who have completed the 3100 mile race, he is now ranked fifth fastest. To give some insight into his physical prowess, Andrea ran his first 1000 miles in 14:05:20:20 – an Italian national record. His second 1000 miles improved to 14:01:56:27. His third was the best of the three: 13:23:14:10. Self-transcendence was the order of the race for him. The four other competitors have another eight days to reach the 3100-mile goal.

The 3100 Mile Race was the gift vision of Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007), a spiritual master of the highest order, originally from South India, whose Marathon Team, founded in 1977, has been putting on multi-day events in New York since 1985. The first 3100 Mile Race was held in 1997. All the previous versions have been on a 883.2 meter course in Jamaica, NY. Because of cancellation due to covid-19, the Salzburg effort was a boon to this group of starters. A beautiful, accessible park with spectacular vistas may have helped the happy winner climb to new heights in the running world.  The smiling helpers, encouraging at all hours of the day and night, were also a major factor. Thank you Salzburg and Austria, you have made the 3100 family very proud and humble at the same time.