Yuri climbed Mt. Kazbek Stratovolcano, Georgia

yuriYuri Shilov (Nikopol, Ukraine), came to Tbilisi, Georgia on the 15th of August with the aim of conquering the peak of Mount Kazbek Stratovolcano in Georgia. On the 21st of August, he did it! At the peak of about 5054m (16,581 ft) he held up Guru’s photo and sang The Invocation. Yuri achieved this amazing feat with an experienced mountain climber from Poland. When Yuri took Guru’s photo out of his pocket, the Polish sportsman asked about the photo. He then commented: “you did this to bring your Guru’s photo here!” He added: “your Guru helped us with the weather, as for four previous days the weather was not good.” The weather had miraculously changed and they were finally able to ascend the mountain, and the Polish climber was giving Sri Chinmoy the credit. Yuri is 56 years old and has been a disciple of Sri Chinmoy for 24 years. – Dima (Tbilisi) / Galina (Moscow)

The Power of Meditation

During the fall of 2018, while on the search for a little-known instrument called a Dulcimer, Klaus Tiefenbrunner wandered into the Gandharva Loka music shop in Salzburg. I had walked past this store thousands of times but had never been inside. The store was full of eclectic instruments from all over the world and shortly after entering, I met the owner, Ushika. I immediately recognized him as a fellow ‘distance’ runner due to his lean physique and well-worn Hoka running shoes. Our conversation quickly turned to running where I attempted a little posturing with tales of my interval and hill training, and 10KM personal bests. Ushika gave genuine praise and then I prodded him about his running accomplishments. After a few moments he then humbly mentioned he had just finished the “SRI CHINMOY SELF- TRANSCENDENCE-3100 MILE RACE”, which I now know is world renowned, for Ultra-Athletes anyway, as “the world’s toughest endurance street race.” While he explained the details of the race, I was struck by the sheer impossibility of how to even begin such an endeavor. I was compelled to tell his story in order to explore the nexus between different forms of meditation, serenity, high-ultra-endurance performance, and how we can all benefit from these learnings. It took a year of false starts to get a disjointed plan together and then, after 23 years in Queen’s, NY, for the first time ever, the race was cancelled by the organizers due to Covid, but the racers weren’t having it and rallied together to find a solution and finally found a suitable parc in Salzburg.

Editor’s Note: The 2021 3100 mile race will again take place in Jamaica, Queens, NY from September 5 to October 26.

15 years ago: Sri Chinmoy in Hiroshima

During his visit in Japan in 2006 spiritual teacher and peace advocate Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) gave a concert in the “Peace Memorial Park” in Hiroshima on July 13th. After the concert he placed some flowers at the Memorial Monument and meditated at the location. Filmed by kedarvideo, Switzerland.

Tribute to Nirmala with two books


Nirmala, who passed away last November, was a disciple of Sri Chinmoy for more than 40 years. Her husband now published two books as a tribute to her life and work. The first one is giving some insight into her activities with many pictures, messages from disciples from around the world, a selection of her personal sketches, songs by Sri Chinmoy with her name (which means “purity”) and a very special section about her “Conversations with God” (The Golden Shore Verlag, Dortmund – 2021, ISBN 978-3-89532-335-5, 68 p., softbound).

The second book uniquely shows her creative work with 152 drawings that she created while working with Sri Chinmoy’s poems and also while her husband made online interviews with people from all paths. Ramita kindly wrote the following text for the back cover of the book: “Nirmala’s drawings are absolutely adorable. Full of feeling, emotion, and undeniable artistry. Soulfully playful, delicate, original and charming. Radiating with purity and lightness, soulfully storytelling. Revealing the magic of her inner reality, her artwork is a true joy to look at, and also inviting us to explore our own imagination. Beautiful, dear Nirmala, thank you.”  (The Golden Shore Verlag, Dortmund – 2021, ISBN 978-3 89532-336-2, 172 p., softbound)

If Meditation Centres or individuals are interested in having the books for their own or seeker’s inspiration, or for sale in a bookshop or Divine Enterprise, please contact Kedar or leave a message here in the comment section.

Oneness-Home Peace Run 2021 starts in Florida – No problems, no masks

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team began its first Peace Run in the US for 2021 in beautiful downtown Sanford, FL on the shores of Lake Monroe at Veterans Memorial Park. They partnered with the Victory Track Club who joined them in a two mile run to finish at the Jeff Triplett Community Centre. The local TV station was also present and reported about the event. Florida is leading the way!

Exploring Portugal

diogo-pranava-13-6-2021After helping the Sri Chinmoy 6-Day in Sofia (Bulgaria), Diogo (Portugal) and Pranava (Iceland) started their journey today from Zurich with their new camper. They hope to arrive in Portugal by the end of the week. Then they intend to help re-opening an enterprise and supporting the manifestation projects in Portugal.