June Bike Challenge is closed

Prabhata and Pushkala

The “Sri Chinmoy Cycling Challenge – International Month of Cycling, June 2018” ended on Saturday with a total distance of over 67’670 km and 187 participants from 22 countries. Puskala from Frankfurt, Germany, won with an amazing total of 3352 km, followed by Prabhata from Salzburg/Frankfurt with 2821 km and third was Kedar from Zurich, Switzerland with 2543 km. Among the women Mirela from Zagreb was first (1340 km), Sananada from Vienna second (968 km) and Sushuti (846 km). Thanks to Vandaniya we could check the results on the Sri Chinmoy Cicling website during the whole month. And here are all the results: https://cycling.srichinmoyraces.org and pictures: https://cycling.srichinmoyraces.org/


Sri Chinmoy: Concert for Rev. Daniel Deane

On August 16, 2003 Sri Chinmoy lifted Rev. Daniel Deane as part of the “Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart” program and gave this open-air concert for him on the “Aspiration-Ground”, Sri Chinmoy’s private former tennis court and then favorite location for all his activities, meditations and concerts. Filmed and edited by kedarvideo, Switzerland.

Czech Oneness-Dream Tour 2018: All videos are now online

The “Oneness-Dream” choir visited churches and monasteries in the Zlin and Prague region in late April of 2018. 10 disciples performed 40 songs by Sri Chinmoy on the mother aspect. And now the highlights of all 15 performances are online on my vimeo channel:

#1: https://vimeo.com/273528203
#2: https://vimeo.com/273522883
#3: https://vimeo.com/272397163
#4: https://vimeo.com/272373843
#5: https://vimeo.com/272351740
#6: https://vimeo.com/271252062
#7: https://vimeo.com/271244761
#8: https://vimeo.com/271218021
#9: https://vimeo.com/271210770
#10: https://vimeo.com/270945944
#11: https://vimeo.com/270900697
#12: https://vimeo.com/270870485
#13: https://vimeo.com/270753744
#14: https://vimeo.com/270663472
#15: https://vimeo.com/269165351


Piano performance in Miyazaki

In October 1993 spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) visited Miyazaki, Japan. There he participated in the 10th “World Veterans’Championships” with a 100 m sprint in his age category and gave four Peace Concerts. Enjoy this piano piece together with a beautiful meditation. Filmed and edited by Kedar Misani

A most powerful sound

If you do not want to listen to all 15 episodes of the recent ONENESS-DREAM tour through the Czech Republic, I recommend you this one. We were in the Humbrecht Castle, where the sound was exceptionally deep and full. In fact this is my favourite concert. Btw by end of the month all 15 concert videos will be uploaded on vimeo. And here are the singers in front of the building:


“Oneness-Dream” toured through CZ

This is the first of 15 videos witnessing the most successful tour of the “Oneness-Dream” choir in churches and monasteries in the Zlin and Prague region that took place late April this year. 10 disciples performed 40 songs by Sri Chinmoy on the mother aspect. And this is the last concert:

You can find a playlist on YouTube where you can watch the whole footage with a total length of 4 1/2 hours:


Please use a good headphone to get the most out of the sound. All videos are also available on the kedarvideo channel on vimeo.