World-Harmony – Acrylics by Sri Chinmoy

In the series of paintings dedicated to spiritual qualities that Sri Chinmoy created over the years, he had the biggest concern for “World-Harmony”. Whereas other qualities were only manifested in one or two pictures, there are 10 paintings entitled “World-Harmony”, which we publish for you here. If you are interested in following Sri Chinmoy’s artwork on a regular base, please refer to the blog

world-harmonyworld.harmony-2-sri-chinmoyworld-harmony-3-sri-chinmoyworld-harmony-4-sri-chinnmoyworld-harmony-5-sri-chinmoy world-harmony-6-sri-chinmoy world-harmony-7.sri-chinmoy world-harmony-8-sri-chinmoy world-harmony-9-sri-chinmoy world-harmony-10-sri-chinmoy© COPYRIGHT ALL ARTWORK BY SRI CHINMOY

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